September 8th, 2009: slow start

Hi guys!  Check out my snacky-poo last night.

Chocolate zuccini bread and wine

Two lovely slices of chocolate zucchini bread and a glass of white.  This zucchini bread was A-freaking-mazing!  It was so dense with plenty of chocolaty goodness.  I didn’t add a ton of sugar because I don’t care for super sweet things but I have to say I was pretty pleased with how this turned out.  It had just the right amount of sweetness for me.  If you don’t think I ate that whole plate, then you’d be wrong. I totally kicked it!  Then I got sucked into watching Paranormal State which is the most ridiculous show.  I can get down with paranormal phenomenon but dang this show looks so bogus and the “investigators” drive me crazy.  I ended up going to bed way past this grandma’s bedtime.

It was a little slow getting up this morning.  I forgot that it’s been a while since I’ve had wine the night before a run!  Sounds silly but since I started training for my upcoming half, wine before runs has stopped due to scheduling and training.  I puttered around for a bit waiting for it to be light enough that I could head out.  Four miles done, slow pace, but done!

Chocolate soymilk

I have to say that zucchini bread was amazing for fuel!  I normally eat a small piece of a bar or 1/2 a bar before heading out for my morning runs.  I didn’t even really need anything this morning and only had a bite of a bar.  Typcially after my runs I start getting hungry while out walking Rocky and my bellah starts growling.

Not today.

In fact it was long after I stretched and showered before breakfast even occurred to me.  Holy crap maybe this super bread will be my bedtime snack before long runs because it seriously held me over for a long time.

Coffee and oats

Gotta get in my peaches while I still can!  Peach oats and coffee, glorious!

I putzed around in the office for a minute and then it was off to get mah hairs cut.  In and out quickly since I don’t get my hair styled while there, just a wash and cut.  I scheduled my next appointment and was off to the seamstress to get all my pants altered.

Getting pants altered is not a cheap task!  To their credit I did take in 7 pairs of pants; 3 dress, 4 jeans.  Basically all of my pants.  Now I can check that off my to-do list!

When we got back home, I made us some lunch because both of us were a starving!



  • Mixed greens
  • Red leaf lettuce
  • Chopped heirloom tomato
  • Shredded parsnip and carrot
  • Sliced almonds
  • Raisins



  • 1C Carrot juice
  • 1C US cranberry juice
  • 1.5C water
  • Kale
  • 2 fresh figs
  • Frozen blackberries
  • Frozen mango
  • Frozen pineapple

Smoothie and salad

Lunch was crunchy-munchy goodness.  Then me and the last of the frozen grapes headed into the office to do fun work and blog things.

Frozen grapes

This day flew by like crazy!  And I was all loopy on days.  Even though I knew it was Tuesday, my brain still wanted to act and think it was Monday. :crazy: I was all over the place.  I finally realized that it was time to get dressed for MT class and get all glorious sweaty.

After class and what was supposed to be a brief stop to get gas but turned into a clusterF because the pumps weren’t working right, we were finally back home.  We ran Rocky out for a quick walk and I was freezing the entire time.  I’ve realized that yes, I’m ready for Fall.  Bring it!  I was taking in the air and smelling the smells, and shivering a bit.

And then I stepped in dog crap.  And cursed the dog owner who doesn’t understand the concept of picking up after your dog.

Curse you!

When we got home, I headed into the backyard to hose off my shoe.  Rocky was confused about why mom didn’t come in the front door with him.  He was so happy to see me when I walked in the house, like I was gone for 10 days and took the food with me.  Hugs and kisses all around, and I hit the shower.

You know what day it is…..

Flounder with bbq sauce

Fish Tuesday!  There was some leftover BBQ sauce from the weekend that I slapped on the fish, flounder today, and baked at 400 for about 5 minutes.  I’ve never had BBQ sauce on fish before so I thought, why not?

Roasted asparagus and rutabaga

Roasted veggies!  Asparagus and rutabaga.  This was my first experience with rutabaga.  I had no idea what to do with it and my google-fu turned up that it was treated a lot like potatoes.  So I made fries!  When in doubt, make fries, right?

Fish, veggies, and rice

And there was some brown jasmine rice on the side.  Just a bit for me.  Since I don’t know anything about rutabagas, I looked up their nutritional info, and I’ll be the rutabaga has a lot going on.  Check it out! Yeah, it’s carby like potatoes but eating some every so often, who gives a flip?  They are a great source of Vit C which we all need! Unfortunately, I had a bit of a heavy hand when seasoning the rutabaga and they turned out too salty and we couldn’t eat them.  Boo on me!  But the taste was sort of a mild cabbage taste with a hint of onion background.  I have another one that I won’t mess up next time and Scott and I can chow down on it!

Fish and rice Then there was the rare, second round!  I was still hungry after cleaning my plate.  I was very close to not going back for seconds but then I remembered that my miles are starting to increase as I get closer to my half.  I need to refuel properly!  So I went in for seconds and ate it all up.  Except when we have salmon, if I make white fish I make four portions.  One for me, two for Scott, for Tuesday night dinner.  This leaves another fish that Scott eats for lunch the next day.  It takes the same amount of time to make four fish as it would two, so why not make extra, right?  But tonight I ate Scott’s lunch.  Sorry hunnies!

I apologize for the creepy owl eye in the corner there.  I was too hungry to realize my dinner was staring back!

After cleaning my plate, I wrote my little posty.  Now I’m off to bed to read and call it a night!  Till tomorrow gang!

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  1. On our drive up to Portland last night we passed a car that said something about paranormal investigating and had a website, so I grabbed the iPhone and looked him up. He was a real live ghostbuster driving right next to us. It was so surreal!

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