September 5th, 2009: Octopus

Guys this has been the strangest day in terms of eating.  Everything is sort of off schedule and just off in general.  It’s a little weird.

I got up this morning and took care of Rocks. It was glorious outside and it’s time like that when I wish I could sit outside in the morning with my coffee and laptop.  The back of our house gets sunlight from the minute it rises till about 1pm and it’s intense.  There is nothing I can use, short of attaching something to the house, to block the sun.  An umbrella for the table does nothing because of the angle of the sun at the time.  If I take my laptop outside I can’t see anything.  And our furniture is covered with dew so it’s wet.  But I would love to have a place to sit in the morning and soak it all up!

I did some blog work stuff first before getting coffee and making breakfast.  We decided not to hit MT today so we could do stuff around the house, blog stuff, and also hit up Whole Foods.  Eventually, going on about 9am I got hungry.  I wanted oats so bad but no bananas means no oats.  Oatbran does a lot better without a banana but oats are just too runny.  Weird.  All that to say that I opted for oatbran this morning.

Coffee and oatbran

I added blueberries and blackberries to the oatbran.  And then to sweeten it, I drizzled some of the jam I got from Tehku on top.  It looks like an octopus!  Or maybe like a ghostie coming to get you! :p  Coffee was just so-so again this morning.  Scott better fix that up quick!

Once Scott got up, I showered and got dressed for the day.  Then I waited around for him to get ready so we could finally hit up Whole Foods.  There are some things that I specifically get only at WF, like beans, artichokes, seafood and things like that.  We were out of everything and we needed to stock up.  It was definitely going to be a whole paycheck trip.  It was “lunch time” when we left and I was hungry so I polished off a can of raisins in the car.  Probably the equivalent of two handfuls.

Whole Foods was crazah! I thought it might be a little empty because of the game but nope it was packed!  I was a little cranky because they only had one tub of 2% Fage. :grumpy: I’ll have to make a pit stop somewhere else and get some more.  However my fridge now looks like this:

Fridge Oh yeah veggie love!  It’s a mess I know, tomorrow morning I’m going to process all my veggies and herbs and get them washed and so forth.  For now I just wanted stuff put away.

Now it’s time for my lame lunch! :lol:  It was so late by the time we sat down to eat, like 4:30! So I didn’t want anything huge because I wanted some space for dinner later.

Carrot, sushi, falafel There was a small plate of carrot sticks, crab sushi (brown rice, avocado, cucumber, real crab), and two mini falafel patties.

Smoothie Smoothie!

  • 1C coconut milk (SO Delicious Brand)
  • 1C US cranberry juice
  • 1C water
  • Spinach
  • 2 fresh figs
  • 1 frozen banana
  • Frozen peaches
  • Frozen blueberries

Smoothie, veggie, sushiRight?  So lame! :lol:  The smoothie was fantastic though, creamy and deliscious!  The sushi was good too but I think it’s also because I was dipping it in sweet n’ sour sauce.  This was my first time having falafels and they were okay.  Definitely needed to be dipped in something, so I dipped mine in buffalo sauce.

Lunch was too much cooked and not enough raw.  My tum was so upset afterwards!  Bloaty and gassy with a little bit of discomfort.  Thankfully any tum troubles I get only last me about 10 minutes.  Whew!  I would have been a miserable mess otherwise.

Scott loaded himself up on leftover pizza for lunch so I might be on my own for dinner.  I have no idea what I’ll have or when I’ll have it, which is why I’m posting now.  The plan is to do some blog work and then hit the hay early in prep for my run tomorrow morning.

Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

4 thoughts on “September 5th, 2009: Octopus

  1. Haha, I love that you had a ghoast in your spooky Halloween bowl this morning. So approrpiate!

    Sometimes after a big shopping trip, all I have the engery to do is just to throw it all in the fridge and worry about the cleaning and organzing later.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your night!

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