September 2nd, 2009: Fiberlicious

Hi guys!  Today has been backwards day! I started working and then ran, it was very bizarre and this A did not like it!

I got up this morning at 6am (groan!) and my right knee was killing me. Youch! See I blocked a kick last night at MT and it caught on my knee.  I thought no big deal but well it’s black&blue and hurts to bend it.  It happens, it’s a normal MT war wound, I’ve had them before. :p  Anyway, I thought to myself, “Well okay maybe I should rest it and not run.”  Wednesdays are my light run days (2-2.5 miles) so missing them is no big deal.  Well, in theory.

I headed into the office and started working.  I busted out a tape and wrapped that up with a bow and shipped it back from whence it came.  And then I made breakfast and got my loves up for the day.

Coffee and oats

Peach and blueberry oats!  Oh tricksy!  With coffee and you will notice that I have pulled out the fall dishes.  YaY! So exciting! I think I’m going to decorate this weekend and pull all my fall stuffs out.  Wheee!

So ever since I made the decision to not run, naturally all I wanted to do was run. :twitch:  Some times I’ll not run for whatever reason and be totally down with that decision.  Other times I second guess myself and feel off balance.  Remember this?

Me off balance

Yeah, that’s how I felt today.  Finally, I decided that I was going to run and if my knee hurt or bothered me or whatever, I would stop.  I did my 2.5 miles with no issue.  Wheee!  I had a small class of CS because it was hotter out than I expected.

Chocolate soymilk

After that, I took Rocky on a mondo 45 minute walk. Both of us felt so much better after that!  I have to say though that running after breakfast is not for me.  Yuck.  I didn’t cramp nor did the food sit heavy in my stomach, but I just felt slower and weighted down.  My pace ended up being about the same but I felt so sluggish.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when winter hits and it doesn’t get light out till after 8am.  I got up and ate breakfast first last year, I guess I’ll have to go back to that and get used to it.  I hate running in the dark especially when it’s cold and snowy/icy.  Ick!

After a glorious shower, I got busy working on some lunch.  At Sam’s yesterday I got another HumTub and all I could think about was stuffing my face with some hummus today.


Appetizer plate! Triple C Threat! Carrots, Cucumber, and Cauliflower.  With some 365 wheat crackers.



  • 1.5C US cranberry juice
  • 1C OJ
  • .5C Water
  • Kale
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 prunes
  • Frozen blackberries
  • Frozen peaches
  • Frozen blueberries

Smoothie and veggies

All together with the hummus on the side!  This smoothie was so good I couldn’t stand it.  It was thick and creamy and went down easy (TWSS, might as well jump on the bandwagon even though I’ve never seen an episode of The Office.).  Plus it was a fantastic color!

I putzed around the house for a bit.  Looked up some things for work and did some other officey stuff.  Then I broke for a snack since I didn’t have any extra fruit with lunch.


Frozen grape love!  I need to get through this bag before the weather becomes too cold to eat them. :o

Instead of SF tonight, I’m off to check out a cooking class at TehKu! We will be learning how to incorporate tea into foods like pastas and dressing.  So fun! I’ll put up dinner/post cooking class eats with tomorrow’s post!


Amanda recently made a comment the other day about all the fruits and veggies I eat at lunch. :D  I know it’s a lot!  And I also know most people would be like, “What?! I can’t take in that much fruit and veggie in one sitting!”  I think that might be because of the fiber issue.  Or maybe they would get bored with it.  I, personally, need it and crave it.  If I take in fiber via natural forms, fruits and veggies, I can handle that no problem.  And I love it!  I get a little food buddha bellah after lunch for about an hour, but that’s about the only side effect.  I feel good when I eat like that and it helps keep the A-Train running smooth.  If I miss some component of it, like I haven’t been having that extra fruit with lunch, I have to get it in at some point later because I’ll feel off balance.  I love me some fruit!

Concentrated forms of fiber, like prunes, I have to be careful with.  Too much = disaster.  You dig?  And processed or fake forms of fiber, like those FiberOne bars and stuff?  Forget it.  I can’t handle those at all.  My body bloats up and my digestive system makes awful screaming noises at me.  Which makes sense, right?  My body rejects the processed and wants the real deal.

This is also why you don’t see me eat a lot of bread.  I like bread.  In fact I like bread a lot!  But if I’m going to eat some, I would rather it be a part of the dinner meal and not lunch (if possible, obviously sometimes you have to adjust to life).  The bread can make me feel bloaty and stuffed and icky.  Even whole grain breads.

For me, lunch is where I get it all in.  Fruit with breakfast, and then my servings of fruits and veggies at lunch.  This way, I feel awesome throughout the day and it leaves dinner a little more freeing for me in terms of what I chose to eat.

Maybe more than you wanted to know, but that’s the reasoning behind my fruit and veg packed lunches! :D

6 thoughts on “September 2nd, 2009: Fiberlicious

  1. Love the fall dishes, I’m excited to start seeing fall colors everywhere!

    I agree about eating lots of fruits and veggies at meals. I don’t mind the “fiberlicious” belly I have for a bit afterwards, because to me, there’s nothing more satisfying or better tasting than a fresh, crunchy salad or a crunchy apple. Yay for natural fibers!

  2. Sarah W says:

    I personally think people who complain about bloat and such are making excuses. As are the people who complain about their stomach hurting. My friend Lara and u truly beleve that people who complain about those symtoms (one of our friends etc) are purely not eating enough to begin with. Fiber is good for u ad Lara and I try to consume as much produce and grains we can! Bring on the fiber. Oh I should mention my mother is one of those people too. Drives me nuts. She has taken things like fiber drinks for years claiming she can’t eat enough produce. BS i tell ya! Sorry for my rant. I love your posting about fibbbber!!!

  3. I love your stance on veggies and fiber. I feel the same way. I eat a boat load of carbs but mainly from fruits and veggies and very little from bread or pasta. I do enjoy a slice of whole wheat toast with my cereal in the morning after my runs because I think it really provides me with the fuel I need to keep me going throughout the morning. I know my metabolism just eats up the carbs, so a little extra in the morning is good for me. Then, I spend the rest of the day eating my weight in fruits and veggies and I always (well usually) feel fantastic.

    Glad your knee is A-okay! That sounds like you had a nasty little mishap.

    Have a wonderful night darling!

  4. What’s interesting, though, is that you still find a way to “package” all those fruits/veggies in a different way so it doesn’t seem like the same ‘ole thing.

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