September 28th, 2009: hit or miss

Hi gang!  Look at my fabbo snacks from last night!

white wine chocolate zucchini muffins

A glass of piesporter (white and sweet but not like a riesling sweet) and two chocolate zucchini muffins!  I had two because I had visions of running 5 miles this morning.

This was not to be. *grumble*  A huge cold front moved in quickly last night creating a pretty serious thunderstorm in its wake.  I am not a light sleeper but I love thunderstorms so I can usually sleep right through those.  Not last night, the thunder was so loud and vicious that it woke me with a start.  Every time I was about to fall back to sleep, it would wake me up again.  DRAT!  This was around 4am and I quickly shut off my alarm which was set to go off at 6am.  I decided I would sleep till whenever and then run.  I had no pending work so I had the time.

Until I woke up to a wicked wind storm with sustained winds of 30-40mph and gusts of 45mph.

Totally not running in that.  I hate wind and therefore I punked out.  I was so bummed and antsy.  I very much was looking forward to a run.  Ah well, roll with it, right?  So I made breakfast.

coffee, yogurt, granola, and an apple

Are you tired of seeing yogurt messes yet because I am.  Plain Stoneyfield, honeycrisp, and granola.  It was very good but tomorrow will probably be an oats day.  And a fabbo cup of coffee with my mess.

Then I debated and debated with myself about trying a run.  If the wind was bad, I would just come home.  First things first, Rocky needed his walk.  Unless it’s pouring rain, he gets walked.  We headed out and not only was it super windy but it was cold.  YIKES!

This confirmed my decision that no running would be taking place today.  Moving along to other things!

Which included doing laundry.  Fun!  Around 10:30 I started getting hungry again. :o  What is up with that?  I didn’t eat anything although I did consider munching on a banana.  I worked on some blog things instead and when an appropriate lunchtime rolled around, I ran, headed straight for the kitchen and I made a huge lunch.



  • New combo of chard and spinach
  • Chopped cucumber
  • Chopped parsnip
  • Chopped beet
  • Green onion

Balsamic and oil on top with some fresh ground pepper and Italian seasoning.



  • 1C Carrot juice
  • 1.5C US cranberry juice
  • .5C POM
  • 1C water
  • Kale
  • 1/2 a beet
  • 1/2 a parsnip
  • 1 banana
  • Frozen peaches
  • Frozen pineapple

Gritty but tasty.

Hummus, veggies, and crackers

Garlic hummus with kashi crackers, carrots, and celery.

Smoothie, salad, munchies

Loved this lunch!  My eyes were bigger than my tum though and I couldn’t finish my salad.  Garlic hummus was awesome but Scott said it was too garlicky for him.  More for me!

After lunch and kitchen clean up, I sat down with my laptop for some life planning.  That means organizing things for OHC, making phone calls, and all manner of things like that.

The entire time I was thinking about dinner!


And I had some tea to help warm me up because I was chilly.  Holiday Dream from Tehku.  So so delicious!

I came up with an idea and while it is good in concept the finished product didn’t quite turn out like I had planned.  However it was tasty so that’s something! ;)

pumpkin black bean burger

Pumpkin black bean burgers.  I have the worst time with veggie burgers because mine never want to stay together.  These were no exception, very soft and not really a burger/patty form.  Topped with some pepperjack because it was the right thing to do.

Sweet potato fries and green beans

Roasted green beans and sweet potato fries.

Burger, fries, and green beans

All together now!  Organic ketchup for the fries, and the remaining guac from yesterday.  At least I think we had it yesterday.  I don’t remember! :p

I know most veggie burgers suggest freezing first but on days like today, when I decide last minute to make them, there is no time for freezing.  It did taste so good though! And even though my burgers flopped, I’m pretty sure I know what I can do instead. :D  It happens, we can’t be prefect all the time.

I did get a package today:

Nature's Pride Bread

Woot free bread!  I love this bread so I can’t wait to review it!

Photographs post:

Thanks so much for all of your feedback regarding my photographs post!  I’m so glad to hear that a lot of you prefer more organic looking photos as well!  It just makes things seem more real and authentic to me and honestly that’s what I look for in a food blog.  Life snippets draw me in and keep me coming back. :)

6 thoughts on “September 28th, 2009: hit or miss

  1. I wish I would have chosen not to run this morning. I’m guessing running 5 miles while trying to recover from the flu doesn’t exactly speed up the recovery process.


    Okay, I am definitely not sick of the apple, yogurt, granola mix. In fact, I am totally planning on this replica breakfast tomorrow because of your inspiration!

    Have a lovely evening my dear!

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