September 20th, 2009: vampire goodness

Hi gang!  Yesterday we were on the move all day long!  So by the time we stopped, all I wanted was to snug with my boys and chill.  I know you understand. :D

Saturday evening, there was tea and cookies involved.

tea and cookies

Then I busted it up to bed so I would have plenty of sleep by Sunday morning!

I got up bright and early to kick out my long run which at this moment is five miles.  I was surprised by how many people I saw out!  Normally Sundays are really quiet and no one is out.  One of the things I say to myself as I’m getting ready on mornings for my run is:

Runners start their day while everyone else sleeps and they finish up their run as everyone else is waking up.

The verbage and wordage changes but that’s the basic jist of it.  I also feel even more in the minority because most runners do their long runs on Saturdays.  I think us Long Sundayers are very few. :D

I was really proud of myself and my run!  I was a minute slower than my last five miles but it’s nothing I’m going to stress over.  Then I had just a touch of glorious CS!

Chocolate soymilk

Rocks and I headed out for a nice walk but close to the end of our walk it got colder and overcast.  I was wondering if it was going to rain!  I didn’t recall anything in the forecast about rain but then to be perfectly honest, I hadn’t checked the forecast for weeks so what do I know.

Nothing! ;)

After taking what Scott refers to as my “molten lava” shower, I quickly changed and came down to eat!  I’ve noticed lately that after my longer runs I’m starting to be more hungry and it’s taking more to satisfy my bod.

Coffee with yogurt and granola

I started off with some coffee and a bowl of Stoneyfield yogurt (full fat cream on top all the way!) with some homemade granola.  Delicious!  As much as I love my Fage, I really do like the Stoneyfield line of yogurts.  They are creamy, thick, and rich.  I buy the plain and it has just a touch of sweetness to it that is a nice change from the thick Fage every so often.  The reason I have it is because I’m out of Fage again. Boo!  And I can get Stoneyfield at my local store.  However, now that I’m reacquainted with it, I might buy it more often and rotate between Fage and this.  Bonus is that Rocky can have some too!

Probiotics and bacteria, not just for your bellah but for the whole family!

And then I was still hungry so in my cookie hole went a PB cookie!

PB cookie

Wow that sounds a lot more insanely dirty than I anticipated.  And we all know how much I prefer the clean inappropriate suggestions.

I checked out some bloggies and watched FoodTV while sitting on the couch with my mushface block head.  Then I decided that I was still hungry and need to be doing something other than sitting at the laptop and focusing on my hunger.

I started making Sunday breakfast!  Figured it would be done by the time Scott rolled outta bed.  Well the smell of breakfast woke him, so I didn’t have to wait too long!


Pumpkin waffles!  Which were so yum it was silly.


Partially thawed blackberries in the middle.

Waffles, sausage, and coffee

And another cup of coffee!  Delicious!  You’ll notice I had some sausage on the side.  This was my first time having pork sausage in a very long time.  It was all I had and I was craving some meat protein in my system.

Shush it!

It was just okay.  Not as flavorful as I remember and wow was it heavy. :O  Oh my!  I much prefer the chicken breakfast sausage we’ve been having lately.  No close up because it looked like a gross brown lump.  How to make sausage pics appetizing?  Suggestions?

And don’t say whipped cream!  JEEZE you all!

After breakfast and cleanup, it was time to move on to the house!  I started laundry and for the last time (I hope!) went through my closet double checking what fit and what did not any more.  I pulled out a ton of stuff all for my mom to try on this week.  She’ll get a whole new wardrobe! :p

I also made Scott do it.  He hates going through and trying on clothes which cracks me up which makes him sigh and then I crack up even more.  We’re just a riot act over here.  Anyway, my man has toned up and lost some weight due to our insanely awesome diet and I knew some stuff wouldn’t fit him anymore.  He thought I was crazy but we ended up with a nice pile of clothes for the giveaway pile.

He has a suit that is too big and I suggested it be altered and taken in a bit.  He said he would rather buy a new suit.  If taking in a suit is going to cost possibly 100s, might as well just get a new suit.

I don’t think it would cost that much, what do you all think?  Know anyone who had a suit taken in?  Was it pricey?


After all the clothes were checked out, I made us some smoothies.

  • 1C US cranberry juice
  • 1C OJ
  • .5C carrot juice
  • .5C water
  • Spinach and Kale
  • 1 Frozen banana
  • Frozen blueberries

It was yummy but this bottle of carrot juice I bought I will not buy again.  It was a 1/2 gallon bottle but the juice is musty smelling and tasting.  Blech.  I’m sticking with Bolthouse; they have much better juice!

Then we cleaned and organized the guest room and our upstairs office area.  WHEW!  I also finished up laundry.

I hung up some new curtains and they have a fishy smell to them. EW!  They say dryclean only, but I have a steam function on my dryer, do you think I could use that?

I was wiped out so all I wanted for dinner was something comforting and easy.

Enter risotto!  I adore risotto, especially when I can add some red wine to it.  The bottle only had a tiny splash left after I added some to the risotto, so I finished it up.  Just a few sips worth but tasty.

Red wine What’s with the green glass?  You’ll see. ;)

tortilla chipsScott and I snacked on some Archer Farms multigrain tortilla chips which are really good!  They taste like fritos with a nutty addition.  Very yummy!  And the ingredient list is not shabby.


The risotto had leftover kielbasa and chicken burgers from Friday night along with:

  • Onion
  • Green pepper
  • Carrot
  • Zucchini


It was just okay.  For some reason I thought it was missing some flavor.  Scott dug on it though.

White wine

After dinner, I had a glass of white wine while we watched Rockin’ Rolla (it was okay).

Are you digging my vampire wine glasses?  Love them!

By 11pm, I was wiped out and ready to crash in my sweet bedtimes.

5 thoughts on “September 20th, 2009: vampire goodness

  1. I also love Fage but sometimes prefer Stonyfield. I think the vanilla flavor tastes like creamy ice cream!

    And I’m dying over that vampire glass right now. It’s GREAT

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