September 13th, 2009: flying by

Hi gang!  The downside to last night is that it was void of chocolate zucchini bread because we ate dinner so late.  The upside is that dinner was flipping fantastic!

polenta and shrimp and scallops

There was pepperjack polenta in all its creamy glory. And a sort of gumbo/jambalaya type of dish with:

  • Shrimp
  • Scallops
  • Kielbasa and jalapeno chicken sausage

In a spicy tomaoty sauce that had onions, green pepper, and jalapeno pepper.  I thinned the sauce out with some beer.

Now that’s a dinner right there!  Some carblicious bread on the side for dipping and general munching action.  Dinner was awesome and so spicy I kept having to dab the sweat off my face. :p  After dinner, we cleaned up the kitchen and then I went straight to bed to read for a bit.

I got up bright and early at 6am this morning to bust out my long run.  I did just over 6 miles in an hour and four minutes.  Hoorah!  I was feeling a little tired towards the end but pushed on through knowing I was almost done.

Chocolate soymilk

A gigantic class of CS and out the door for a walk with Rocky.  I absolutely love early mornings and I’m so glad that I can get a chance to be a part of it.  The sunrise and the day waking up is one of my very favorite things.  Walking Rocky and taking the time to enjoy the morning does wonders for my soul.

When we got back home, I stretched, foam rolled and put on some recovery clothes.  Which included my fabbo comfy robe.  Then I refueled.

Coffee, yogurt and granola

Some vanilla Oikos with homemade granola and a small piece of chocolate zucchini bread.  Hey I have to make up for last night’s missing pieces! ;)  Along with some fantastic coffee.  I wanted a second cup but never got around to drinking some!

The rest of the morning was spent blogging and working on our Worthington Inn recap.  Eventually Scott got up and I headed into the kitchen to do some prep work.  I cut up and cleaned a lot of the fruit I got at the store.  Then I started Sunday Breakfast.

Eggs, hashbrowns, and fruit salad

Hashbrowns with onions and peppers.  I roast everything, easier and more healthy. :D  Potatoes are done the exact same way I would make roasted potatoes; olive oil, seasoning, and baked at 400 till crispy.  I toss in the chopped onion and peppers last minute because they roast more quickly.  Dipped in some organic ketchup of course!

Scrambled eggs and egg whites and some salsa for kicks.

12 grain bread toasted and and Eziekiel english muffin toasted.

Fruit in the middle, watermelon, pineapple, and some red grapes.

Drink was OJ+Cranberry Juice+Seltzer

MMMM delicious!

After cleanup, we headed upstairs so Scott could color my hair.  Oh yes, my personal colorist!  I did a burgundy purple.  Love it!  By this point, the day was zooming on past.  When I came back downstairs to feed Rocky it was 5pm. :o  I fed and took care of him, then I chatted with my mom for a bit.

I started hearing some rumbling and thought that it was odd to hear thunder since there were no clouds in the sky!

No, it was Scott’s bellah asking to be fed.  I had visions of a veggie packed Asian inspired soup, so that’s what I made!  While I prepped there was munchies:


I decided to save the zucchini bread for later snacking! ;)  Crackers for me, some chip dust in the back for Scott.


Sort of a take on what I had at Inggrie’s cooking class.  I didn’t have tea though so I used chicken stock and loads of veggies.  YUM!

It’s Fall soon to be winter, so you can expect to see lots of soups here at the HQ.  I love soup! :D


  • Green Onion
  • Carrot
  • Broccoli
  • Baby bok choy

Scott wanted some noodles in his soup, so I cooked up some udon and put a few in my bowl as well.  Supper was mighty fine!

Now I’m off to enjoy some wine and finally some chocolate zucchini bread. Huge slices too! ;)

P.S. Sorry for the lack of closeups and great pics. I had to do pictures via my laptop which it doesn’t like so I try to move through iPhoto as quickly as possible.  Normal pics tomorrow! :D

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