Tuesday Tip: Vinegar in the laundry

Vinegar Have we discussed how much I love vinegar as a household staple?  Oh I think we might have touched on that a bit.  Another one of my favorite uses of vinegar is in the laundry.  It helps keep clothes fresh smelling by killing odors.  And since vinegar is a natural antibacterial and kills mold and germs, it’s perfect.  Because let’s face it, dirty clothes are exactly that, dirty,  We don’t wash clean clothes, right?  Okay, if it’s something you just bought and brought home from the store. But even that isn’t clean, because who knows how many people tried it on before you bought it.

Vinegar works wonders on workout clothes as well.  I don’t know about you, but I reuse my workout gear before it hits the dirty clothes pile.  That means by the time I’m about to toss it in the dirty clothes pile, it is ripe for picking and about to walk there on its own.

A few years ago I started eliminating unnecessary chemicals from our lives.  Liquid fabric softener was one of the first things to go.  It’s expensive and what is it really doing?  Nothing.  At least nothing fancy at my house.  Plus I was paying for something that was water and perfume.  That’s it!

I will pass on that.  Instead I put some vinegar in the liquid softener slot.  It works at keeping our clothes soft and static free.  And as I mentioned above, it totally gets rid of the stank.

Even food smells that you can get from restaurants or markets.  Smoke smell you can get from grilling outside.  And workout odor you get from working your thing.  It also helps clear up stains and loosen dirt from clothes. It’s basically amazing.

It pretty much does a whole bunch of things for a lot cheaper than that silly water and perfume stuff.

I purchase vinegar by the gallon jugs.  Vinegar is super cheap and most warehouse (Costco, Sam’s for example) stores sell them in pairs.

Grab yourself some vinegar and try using it the next time you’re washing clothes!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Vinegar in the laundry

  1. Thanks for the tip!! You think it will work for the moldy smelling clothes I left in washer all weekend? Re ran them through twice and they still stank!!!


  2. I will try this! No matter how tough my washing machine is on them my clothes still stink.

    Because of you I now have a spray bottle of vinegar and water in my kitchen instead of chemicals… my body is forever grateful to you!

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