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Scott and I got invited to an event over at the TehKu Tea Company in Dublin.  We were invited by Ryan who I’ve been chatting and following on Twitter for some time.  I accepted because meeting new people and trying out food and beverages, I consider to be good times!  I have only been to TehKu once before and enjoyed it a lot so I was pretty excited to be headed back to see what else was in store.

Inggrie is the owner and operator and she collaborated with Ryan to put the party together.  Inggrie is totally passionate about tea and will use it in everything and that includes cooking!  She’s currently working on a cookbook to publish with all kinds of recipes that incorporate tea into the ingredient list. Which is a totally fabulous and completely unique idea!

Tehku Tea Bar

On show for the evening were different alcoholic beverages infused with tea.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember what all was what!  But I did get pictures. You know me!  The setting was cozy and intimate with mood lighting and the smells of appetizers and tea drinks wafting through the air.  The bar area was lined up with some yummy treats to snack on!

Appetizers I snagged some eats first!  Food Blogger first rule of thumb right?  Get to the food! I had what I’m calling a crostini with sundried tomatoes and perhaps a goat cheese?  And also a mini chocolate chip scone which was totally fantastic.  I would have eaten more but everybody snatched them up quick!

Tea mixed with frangelica

This was a hot tea that had Frangelico mixed in.  This honestly was my favorite flavor!  It was creamy delicious and the Frangelico just floated around in the background hitting you at the last second.  It would be perfect as a sipping drink around a backyard fire pit or the fireplace on a cool fall evening.

Peach tea

This one seemed to have a peach flavor going on.  It was very fruity and crisp.  It would pair well with a sweeter dessert like maybe a pie or cobbler.

Tea drink

The bad food blogger in me doesn’t remember what this one was!  I’m so sorry but it was another chilled tea drink that had a nice smooth taste and crisp background.

Inggrie Inggrie explained the last tea mix of the evening which was  matcha green tea.  Matcha green tea is super duper green.  It’s the tea used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony and a lot of work goes into creating that tea.  It is also the only green tea that is entirely absorbed by the body meaning that you are able to use all of its health benefits! I hope I’m getting this right!

Matcha green teaI told you it was green!  This was a chilled matcha paired with tequila.  Oh yeah!  This was Scott’s favorite and I’m not surprised as he loves tequila.

Lined up around the tea bar are containers holding samples of the teas that TehKu offers.  This allows the customer to smell and look at the tea to help them decide which to choose.

Teas The one that intrigued me most was Walnut Crunch (not pictured).

Tehku Tea, walnut crunch

Inggrie was kind enough to let me sample this flavor.  In all honesty it smells like a sugar cookie!  What’s more amazing is that it tastes exactly like it smells which I loved.  This tea was soooo good and I didn’t add anything extra to it.  No sugar or anything.  YUM!  I definitely will be getting some the next time I stop by!

I have to say that the highlight of the evening was tasting a new drink that Inggrie will be offering.

Tehku sipping chocolate

Sipping chocolate!!!

Dark chocolate that I can drink? Hell yes I am all over that!  This stuff is crazy amazing.  It literally is just straight chocolate and she will be serving it in shot glasses.  Normally hot chocolate drinks dry my throat out and I just can’t drink them.  This did not happen with the sipping chocolate!  It was creamy smooth, warm and delicious.

Inggrie also has help and support from her husband, Jon.  We had a chance to chat with him and he’s very knowledgeable about tea too!

Inggrie and Jon

Aren’t they adorable?! Love them!

Inggrie believes in living as greenly as you can.   She brings that passion into the cafe as well.

Tehku Mug

At the end of the evening she gave us TehKu mugs! Which she also sells at the cafe.  If you bring your mug in to the cafe, you can get the tea of the day for $1!  She will also keep your mug at the shop for you, washed and with your name on it ready to use when you swing by.  For those that have to have their tea on the go, if you reuse your tea sleeve (protects your hands from the heat), you will receive 5% off your purchase! Love that!

All of the foods and treats that are offered at TehKu are prepared by Inggrie.  As we were leaving, she sent us away with more food! How could I turn that down?  We got to sample some pumpkin scones, matcha green tea scone, and some pasta.  Goodness!  All of it fabbo and I am in definite need of more scones!

The staff is friendly and knowledge so feel free to ask them anything!  They are also very open to helping you and working with you to select the right tea.

Please consider visiting TehKu Tea the next time you are in Dublin! And tell Inggrie that I sent you! :D

Inggrie is also on Twitter, give her a follow!

Thanks again Inggrie for taking the time to host such a lovely event and chatting with Scott and I!

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  1. Heather says:

    Wow that sounds like a great evening!! I love her green incentives!

    They put matcha green tea into the smoothies at work. Well not all of them just the ones that use it. ;)

  2. What a fun event! You guys are always going to the coolest gatherings. I never would have thought of teas as cocktails, but it definitely sounds great! Sounds like a fun place with a healthy focus.

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