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Hi guys!  Ooo it’s time for some opinion pieces courtesy of OHC.  Not too long ago I asked if you all would be interested in hearing my opinions on some diet myths and the majority of you said that you would. This list will include all the crazy things we hear that we MUST do or else we won’t be healthy or lose weight.

A lot of things just aren’t true.  Are we shocked?  I think if we answer honestly, then we would say no.  Because really, does the government or big businesses have we, the peoples’, best interests at heart?  Of course not, money is the motivator here not the public’s general well-being and health.

We are responsible for looking out for number one.  We can do that by researching and using common sense.

That’s right, I said it.  Common sense.

By common sense, I mean, use your head to think things out.  For example, can you have a meal of burger and fries?  Sure.

Can you have that meal everyday?  Well you can but the reality is, that wouldn’t be very healthy.  I think the better question is, should one have a meal like that everyday?  No.  And I think if we all just use our noggins a little bit more that’s pretty easy to figure out and understand, yes?  Common sense.

I am not a nutritionist.  I am not a dietitian.  I am not a doctor of any sort.

What I am is an everyday person living her everyday life as healthy as she can while realizing that life is short and fun times should be plenty.

So I’m going to discuss some points about “diet” myths and provide my opinion on them.  Yes, my opinion.  Not fact, just total opinion from me to you.

I’m hammering that home so someone doesn’t come back and say, “But you said this and it’s law!”

Nope and double nope.  Just opinion, that’s all.

The pieces will be up whenever.  I would love to give you a specific time and day but I just don’t work that way.  I write them when I have the opportunity.  But look for them soon because the first one is near and dear to my heart!! :D

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