August 6th, 2009: Find Comfort

Hi guys! Just a quickie recap of dinner last night.  I was pooped, but you know I wanted nothing more than to cook in my kitchen and make a fabbo meal.  When I’m super tired I run towards comfort foods.  Being tired and worn out is what sends me to comfort food land.  Not sadness, or stress, or being overwhelmed with projects.  It’s being dog-ass tired.   What makes you reach for comfort foods?

One of my new favorite comfort foods I make is my pumpkin pasta which is cheesy creamy goodness and loaded with veggies.  Sometimes I call it pumpkin mac’n cheese.  I’m going back and forth on names because I can’t fully decide what to call it!

Pumpkin pasta

Can you tell which side is Scott’s? ;)

Pumpkin pasta

Creamy pumpkin made the sauce that I thinned out with a bit of chicken stock.  You can totally use veggie, wine, or even mushroom stock to thin it.  I just prefer chicken.  Veggies include!

  • Sundried tomatoes
  • Artichoke
  • Carrots
  • Onion
  • Zucchini
  • Chopped spinach
  • Roasted garlic chicken sausage
  • Topped with really good quality cheddar

Pumpkin pasta

Holy delicious, right?  Whole wheat penne is the pasta of choice for me.  It holds sauce really well and I just prefer it over an elbow or rotini.

Scott and I watched some Kathy Griffin and sipped on some wine:

Red wine

We had this leftover from our trip!  It was a blend wine from Spain.  And then I got out a munchie just because.


Popcorn!  Perfect light snack for the evening.  I conked out in bed by 10:30! :woohoo:

3 thoughts on “August 6th, 2009: Find Comfort

  1. Being tired definitely does it for me. I go straight to comfort foods, especially after a long and difficult day of classes. I’m also guilty of distracting myself from being stressed out by cooking elaborate meals, instead of doing hw :)

    The pasta looks ahhhhmazing!

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