August 3rd, 2009: Riblet niblet

Hi gang!  I’m feeling terribly nonproductive today.  Bah!  I have stuff that needs to get done that totally did not today.  Anyway, let’s move on to eats!

I was thinking about what to make for dinner because Scott was going to have leftover everything, so that left only myself to take care of.  I knew leftover cole slaw was going to show up.  And then I remembered I had a BBQ riblet so that got added to the list.  Once I realized a sort of “southern bbq” meal was taking place, I knew that meant cornbread was needed.  I got busy making cornbread and heating up dinner.

Morningstar riblet

Morningstar bbq riblet which is meatless and the package says is also vegan.


Leftover slaw as promised.

Roasted zucchini

Roasted zucchini!  My fave!

Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob mini.  Hello mini!


And the most fabbo cornbread.  Made with cornmeal and whole wheat pastry flour.  It is totally dense and sweet and my idea of perfection.

Corn, zucchini, slaw, riblet

Look at all that food!  I had a wee piece of bread and put some buttah + kosher salt on the mini cob.  The riblet was a strange experience.  I used to love these things.  Love. Them. As if they were the greatest soy product ever.  But now not so much.

The bbq sauce is still great but the overall flavor and texture tastes way too processed for me.  I just can’t handle that anymore.  I ate most of it but I do not think I would eat it again.  I could have had another zucchini and mini cob in its place and been a happy camper.

Scott had leftover pork chops from Saturday, leftover slaw, and leftover green beans.  I tossed some zucchini in there for him and he also got two mini cobs.  AND his leftover pasta.  Can I tell you how cute he is?  I was watching him eat dinner (because we sit at the dinner table and eat dinner) and I noticed what he was eating.  He was eating everything I made and only picked at his leftover pasta. :blush:

S: Why do you keep watching me?

A: Because I’m watching you eat dinner.

S: I see.

A: It’s because you’re eating everything I made and only picking at the leftover restaurant food.

S: That’s because you make the best.

And then he proceeded to tell me the cornbread was awesome. :cupidarrow:  Love him!

Alright guys I’m off to work on posts and then head to SF class.  Catch ya tomorrow! :D

4 thoughts on “August 3rd, 2009: Riblet niblet

  1. Found you from the fattiefatterton blog. :)

    I’m wondering what other Morningstar products you’ve tried and what you’ve liked the best. I’m not vegan/vegetarian but I can’t eat red meat, and I’m about turkey burger’ed out!

    BTW, your about page introduction of Rocky had me laughing so hard I peed a little in my pants. ;)

    I’ve enjoyed reading the blog!

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