August 31st, 2009: All work and no play

Makes this A a little cranky.  :/  I’ve been feeling a little rushed to blog.

Last night Scott and I watched an old movie, (Heather, it was Gilda) which was just okay.  Johnny was a bit of a vindictive prick, goodness.  Since we had an early supper, I was hungry for a snack with my wine!

Wine and banana soft serve

I made chocolate banana soft serve and it was the best version yet!  I added some dark chocolate PB and some unsweetened cocoa powder.  Heaven!  Along with some red wine, we had a fabbo evening.  I went to bed late but it’s all good.

I got up just after 6am this morning and took Rocks out on what was a very cold morning. :O  I wonder if it will last or if it’s just some sort of tease?  After taking care of him and checking mail, I started work.  I wanted to get that tape done and over with.  I worked till about a quarter of 9am, and decided I needed some breakfast.

Coffee and oats

I was freezing cold, so oats and coffee were my solution!  One peach and one nectarine today.  MMMM  My breakfast break was probably about 1/2 an hour.  Then I worked some more and finally finished up that tape!  Goodness it was driving me bonkers. :crazy:

To get some fresh air and my butt moving, I took Rocky out for his walk.  Then when I got back home, I started making lunch.  It was a totally different lunch for me today!

Veggie and almond butter sandwich

First I made a sandwich inspired by Meghann’s she had a little while ago.  1/2 a sandwich thin that had vanilla almond butter, spinach, some shredded carrot and parsnip, and cranberries.

Cucumber and cauliflower

On the side for some more raw veg action was cucumber and cauliflower.

Vegan popcorn nuggets

I also had some vegan nuggets with BBQ sauce for dipping.


And a smoothie which I added dried apricots to and do not recommend at all.  They didn’t blend well and kept getting stuck in my straw!

  • 1C carrot juice
  • 1C US cranberry juice
  • 1C water
  • Spinach
  • Shredded carrot and parsnip
  • 4 dried apricots
  • Frozen mango
  • Frozen blueberries

Smoothie, sammie, nuggets, and veggies.

And some grapes on the side for extra fruit but I only had about three of those.

The sandwich was awesome!  I’m trying to explore new things so I can find something different to take with me to eat during my airport travels in November.  I don’t want to rely on just PB sammies.  And this combo has raw veggies and can be kept at room temp.  Score!  I also picked at my husband’s lunch which was leftover fish and chips from Saturday night.  MMMM!  I didn’t finish anything other than my smoothie.  All that cooked stuff filled me up so fast.  Umph!  I couldn’t even finish the sandwich, it was so filling.  One would be great as a meal to get me through a situation when I need to be full for an extended period of time.  And by one, I mean a whole sandwich, not just half. :D

After lunch, you know it, back to work.  My work and play space are on opposite sides of the office, so there are no quick breaks or twitter checks for me.  Breaks during breakfast and when I’m done work for the day.  I’ve moved on to a new tape and this one is so much better.  It’s long but at least I don’t want to pull my hair out!

I cut out for the day and got busy busting out my little posty. :D

Then I realized that lunch worked a little too well and I wasn’t hungry at dinner time. Yikes!  I took a small break and putzed around looking at restaurant week menu stuffs and we found a place to go next week!  Wooot!  And I wandered over into the kitchen for some eats.

Chili with bread and butter

Second day chili is always better!  And this time there was a nice piece (or two) of crusty multi-grain bread with a bit of butter to go with it.  YUM!

I’m exhausted but must find the energy to hit up SF tonight.  Catch y’all tomorrows!

4 thoughts on “August 31st, 2009: All work and no play

  1. That’s so funny that you tried this sandwich because the same thing has been on my mind all weekend. I totally feel inspired to make this for lunch one day this week. I love how so many of us are always on the same foodie wave. :)

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