August 21st, 2009: Run around

Hi pretties!  This is a recap of yesterday.  Not the party, that will be its own thing, but of everything leading up to the party!

After breakfast I pulled out the electrical prod and started poking Scott to get him moving already because we had to GO!  And get stuff done!  I loves him but let’s keep it real kids, the man is Pokey when it comes to getting ready to leave the house.

That’s right, Pokey with a capital P.

And no I didn’t really use a cattle prod, I said that for effect.  I used a lighter.

Finally we got out and made it over to Tehku so I could pick up my lovely berries!


Jealous?  Twelve pints of glorious organic blackberries.  For reals!  Inggrie contacted me about them.  One of the farmers who sells at the Dublin Farmer’s Market (Wednesdays from 4:30-8:30pm!) needed to offload some berries.  Because we had so much rain a few days ago, these berries needed picked quick.  Now those lovely berries are gonna get frozen, cooked, and all kinds of fantastic thingies.

Then it was over to Micro Center to pick up a few more things for what will be my Frankenstein baby.  Then over to Akai Hana for lunch.  Oh this experience made me a little cranky.  Every time we’ve been to Akai Hana the service has been amazing so I’m chalking this up to some sort of fluke and I’m not even going to discuss it or worry about it anymore.

Green tea

I started off with some green tea.

And then I ordered the shrimp tempura appetizer.

Shrimp tempura

I had one shrimp, and then a few bites of each veggie and then I was done.  As wonderful as their tempura is, I can only stomach so much fried food.

To be honest, there wasn’t really a whole lot for me to eat.  I was feeling a little frustrated and sort of like I had to pick the best of the worst.  Does that even make sense?  Not that they have bad food!  Akai Hana has awesome food, but if it’s not sushi then it’s noodle and meat based.  And that sort of left me in a predicament.

Ramon noodle dish

I ended up picking the ramon noodle dish with no pork or fishcake which confused the server greatly.  It was in a pork broth which I was okay with.  I can do broth, I just don’t want to eat the meat.  This dish was fantastic!  Seriously it tasted really really great.  And if you dig on noodles, definitely check this out if you are at Akai Hana.  I had a few bites, not even half and then I was ready to bring it home.  While it was good, not enough veg and I don’t want a belly full of noodles for lunch.

A lot of people were getting served soup and salads before their lunch which I didn’t understand.  How were they getting that? I wanted a salad!  So I asked.  I had a 5 minute conversation with the server over the salad because she couldn’t understand why I wanted a salad and kept asking who was getting salads.

“What do you want to do with it?”

“To eat.”

“To eat?!”

It was so weird.  This is what was brought out to me.

Mixed greens

Oh my.  Look at all that dressing!!  I wiped off the dressing as best I could with my chopsticks and had a few of the pieces of lettuce.  The dressing tasted like it almost had a mayo base?  Not good.

Tempura udon Spicy tuna

Scott ordered a udon noodle dish and spicy tuna rolls.  He loved the tuna rolls and that’s why we were there in the first place, so he could get some sushi.  Next time though, I think we’re gonna have to just get take out for him and call it good.

We came home and I went to work getting some raw things in my bellah!  That’s the theme of this week, me saying “in my bellah!”.  For example, Thursday night while doing my best jazz hands, I was singing, “Wine in my bellah!!” as Scott poured our wine. Klass, this sister has it.

Blackberries and watermelon

I had a bowl of fruit.  Some of the fresh blackberries along with some watermelon.

Homemade mixed greens salad

And a quickie salad:

  • Mixed greens
  • Carrot
  • Cucumber
  • Cranberries
  • Granola

Balsamic and oil on top.

Salad and fruit

No smoothie because I’m still out of kale and spinach.  I plan to remedy this today!  After lunch I did some quick catching up online and then headed up to get purty.

Then I waited around for Scott to wrap up a business call and also finish getting purty.  While I waited I played with the camera and ate a few peanuts and raisins.  No pic of the snack, because by then Scott was done and we were out to mingle and support a great cause.

MeAre you lovin’ the nose?  Ah well, what can you do right? Makeup only covers so much.

When we got back from our evening I was still a little munchy.  Check out this plate of randomness.

Fruit, chips, wineIn the back is  a wine spritzer, white wine + seltzer, mostly seltzer.  On the plate:

  • Golden delicious apple
  • Blackberries
  • White cheddar slice
  • Baked salt and vinegar chips

It was divine!  Munched on while watching Venture Bros.  Anyone else watch?  We are watching S3 and it’s my fave season so far!  Then I crashed it out in bed!

13 thoughts on “August 21st, 2009: Run around

  1. Sarah says:

    Tensuke Market (the grocery store across from Akai Hana) is owned by the same people and has a little cafe with the same udon and sushi for much cheaper. There’s also dishes with less meat than at the restaurant. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you haven’t already.

  2. Pierre says:

    Venture Bros. in a food blog? They’ve finally made it!

    Looks like you had a lovely little snack to enjoy some VB with. That sounds perfect for a late evening nosh. And, of course, Venture Brothers? You can’t lose!

    (Season 3 was really great, no? Have you seen the Season 4 trailer?)

  3. Yum, I love ramen noodles — pretty much any noodle soup that doesn’t have cilantro in it :) I’m assuming the pork/fish cake have too much sodium in them? I made fried saimin at home (only like 2 tbsp. of oil, though) and it’s so good!

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