August 20th, 2009: Fighting the boredom

Happy Thursday all!!  How are all my lovlies doing today?  How has your week gone?  Mine was a little crazah there for a bit with work projects and what not but now I’m all cool beans and caught up.

Last night after SF class it started pouring down rain, complete with huge booms of thunder and lightening!  Loved it!  I love thunder storms so I got all snugs in bed with my book and just chilled.  Mmm and then I was out for the count by 11pm.  Zonked!

Since I didn’t have to get up super early this morning and I figured it would probably still be raining, I let myself sleep in a bit.  I took care of the Rockster and then headed out for my run.

Chocolate soymilk

3.5 miles today and even though we had rain all day yesterday, it did nothing for the humidity.  I was sweating buckets during my run!  Umph.  But I kicked out that 3.5er with a 10:17 pace.  Oh yeah!  I thought I was running slow because my legs felt tired but I guess wasn’t!  Look at me busting some booty around the block.  I don’t know if it’s back to school activities or what but my neighborhood was super busy this morning.  I had to run on the sidewalk a lot to avoid cars.

A nice glass of CS later and it was walky time.  I took Rocky on a nice long one because it’s supposed to rain more today and I don’t know what the evening will hold.

We came back and I stretched my muscles and took a glorious hot shower.  Woke up my loves and headed down for some coffee and fuel!

Coffee, apple, yogurt, and granola

I was warm after my run and shower so I didn’t really fancy a bowl of steamin’ oats or oatbran this morning.  Instead I opted for my next fave, apple with yogurt and granola.  Holla!

I’m in the process of organizing the office situation. Does it always seem like I’m saying that?  Well we’re getting a new addition soon and I need to make room for him.  Plus I need to seriously get back to making to-do lists and get things straightened out!  After some quick things, I headed into the kitchen to make lunch.  I wasn’t too hungry today so I kept things simple.


Salad!  Just like yesterday minus the red onion.

  • Mixed greens
  • Cucumber
  • Carrot
  • Beans
  • Salsa
  • Crushed flax chips

Tasty but much better with the onion!


Smoothie time!

  • 1C US cranberry juice
  • 1C pineapple juice
  • 1C OJ
  • Spinach
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 banana
  • 3 prunes
  • Frozen mango
  • Frozen blueberries


Smoothie and salad

Missing the mels?  Yeah I did too.  I thought that salad and smoothie would be enough but nope, I wanted some mels.


Right out of the container like a savage.  Ahhhh much better!

I cleaned up the kitchen, prepped for tonights dinner, and made some dessert.  I think it’s a good sign when after your husband taste-tests, he follows you back into the kitchen to lick the mixing bowl clean. :p  I am now ready to get the evening started! After a sweat-fest conditioning class of course.

On Boredom Snacking:

CarolineB asked a great question last night about boredom snacking and how to prevent it!  I figured I would answer it here. :D

Quite honestly, I ate more when I worked in an office setting than out of one.  I always had snacks packed in my lunch to pick at throughout the day.  I think part of the reason was that I disliked my work environment and I wasn’t really thrilled with my job.

The benefit to working from home, is that now if I’m hungry (and honest hungry, not bored hungry) I can just go and eat a meal.  So instead of having a snack, I can just eat my lunch.  Or start making dinner.  That has helped tons because I don’t have to wait for specific break times or lunch hours (in an office, I only got 1/2 an hour for lunch.  It stank.)

But I still do suffer from boredom hunger sometimes!  It happens, we’ve all been there, right?  Here’s how I approach that hungry feeling.

First I try to step back and see if it’s a true hunger or bored/stressed/PMS hunger.  This takes some patience because you have to be in tune with your body.  And to get that way takes practice, but it can be done!

I have a drink.  Water, seltzer, juice, something.  Because maybe I am just thirsty.  I know that sounds cliche, but it really is true.  Once I’m done with my drink I reassess the situation.  Am I still hungry?  Does my belly feel empty?  Is my stomach making noises?  Because if it’s actually growling or makes empty noises as I move, then I’m truly hungry.

If I’m truly hungry I eat something.  And I stick with something fresh and good for me.  I don’t reach for crackers or chips or something like that only because I know that won’t make me feel good in the end.  I don’t mind having those as a treat every so often but I don’t want it to be habit.

Boredom hunger strikes me most in the evenings.  I do all the above steps to figure out if it’s boredom hunger or not.  And I also recap my day in my head, what did I eat that day and what were my workouts like?

And sometimes I’m able to push it aside and say, “No I don’t need anything right now.”  And sometimes I can’t.  When I cannot, I stick with eating fruit or veggies.  Because I never ever feel guilty about eating a piece of fruit or a veg.  Ever.  They are good for me and my body.  So even if I am suffering from boredom hunger, dried apricots or an apple are still beneficial and they get the job done. I ate something and it’s something I won’t regret.

BUT! Sometimes you just need some crackers, or a piece of chocolate or whatever.  Life is short and I’m not trying to deny myself fun.  I just try to keep things in perspective.  There are times when I’ll have those chips or chocolate or crackers.  That’s just not my go-to choice and if I’m going to do it, then I make it special. :D

I hope that helps CBs!

6 thoughts on “August 20th, 2009: Fighting the boredom

  1. Ummmmmm….did I miss something HUGE? Did you just say you are making room for an addition? Could this be? I’m kind of on the edge of my seat at the moment, so if you could respond to this cliff hanger, ASAP!!! :)

    Great tips Andrea! I always get the bordem snacks at the office. I think its also my way of adding some pleasure into the workday. Sometimes I feel that I’m not even that hungry, but 2 more hours of work just seems so awful without a snack to look forward to.

  2. Haha I think Rocky would FLIP out with a new addition :D Thanks soo much for answering my Q- I’ve been packing all day, stuck at home- and I kept the snackage to a minimum, yes! That’s interesting that being at home is better for you. Have a great night A!

  3. Great answer on the boredom snacking (I’m terrible at it though – I always have a drink first – but then 5 minutes later – I’m like “nah – still hungry”) Not to mention – Mike is a TERRIBLE influence – the boy is ALWAYS EATING! :)

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