August 1st, 2009: A Day

Last night, I sipped on some red wine while I listened to Scott’s interview.  I kept my glasses super small so I could have more and feel totally indulgent. :D  I only got to listen to the first half of the show because my laptop battery was close to dead.  I had to get it recharged and that meant no more interview.  I chilled on the couch and watched TV.  Then I couldn’t ignore my hunger any longer and made a snack!

wine, cheese, apricots, and crackers

Cheese!! A slice of asiago, and small slices of sheep’s milk cheese.  Some dried apricots and some cheddar crackers.  I was mostly focused on the crackers! :p  I had only a few nibbles of cheese, three apricots, and crackers.  That is my second glass of wine in the picture.  Eventually Scott moseyed into the living room and started stealing my crackers.  I had to go get more! Then I crashed out in bed.

And today is August! My first day of August started off lovely and I mean that with lots of sarcasm.  I pulled the creamer out of the fridge and the lid wasn’t secure enough, so when I went to shake it, you got it.  Creamer all over me, the floor, and the fridge.  As I was cleaning it up, it slipped and I spilled more all over the countertop.



I finally got a dang cup of coffee though. :D  I did blog stuff then I got up and started on prep work.  I had some pork chops in a beer brine for close to 24 hours.  I pulled them out and slapped them with a dry rub.  I made some cole slaw as well.  Then I made breakfast.


All I wanted was a big honkin’ bowl of oats so that’s what I made!  With a dollop of rhubarb blueberry sauce, shredded coconut, and some vanilla almond butter.  Then I cleaned up the kitchen.  By this time, Scott was up so we chatted about our day.  Realizing how much we had to do today, it became clear that going to MT would not happen.  I was totally bummed.

I worked on my 1/2 training schedule while Scott got ready.  Then we were out the door!  Before we left, I had a few pieces of cantaloupe and a 1/4 piece of Odwalla chocolate bar.  Not pictured because my camera was packed in my purse and we were walking out the door.  I should have just made lunch (oh yeah it was totally lunch time by this point) but I wanted to get going already!  I had hoped to be out the door way before lunch time but that didn’t happen.

First stop was a sporting goods store so I could look at some running shorts.  I also needed more spandex shorts to wear under capris and workout pants.  I got both!

More boring errands and then we swung by a running store so I could get new kicks!  Unfortunately my experience at this store wasn’t so great. :(  I was pretty bummed out by that.  I did get new shoes, just the new version of the Brooks Adrenalins that I already wear.  These are teal and pretty snazzy looking.

After that it was off to the butcher to pick up stuff for Rocks and finally back home!  By the time we were done separating out his stuff it was 4:30pm.  I was two seconds away from going postal from hunger.  By that point, I figured I would just get dinner started.  I had hoped to grill but the weather was not cooperating and it was raining off and on.  Plus I didn’t want to take the extra time to heat the grill up!

Chips While dinner cooked, I munched on some baked salt and pepper chips to quiet my bellah and make it less angry.

Dinner time!


A small piece of pork chop which I just cooked in a skillet with a bit of olive oil.

Salmon Burger

A 1/2 a salmon burger that I topped with Chipotle BBQ sauce (homemade).

Green beans

Roasted green beans!  Olive oil, buffalo sauce, and garlic powder.

Cole slaw

Cole slaw!  Red onion, shredded carrot, and cabbage in a mustard and red wine vinegar dressing.

Cole slaw, green beans, pork chop, and salmon burger

Pretty!  The salmon patty was gross, it was so so fishy tasting but not in a good way.  I only had three bites of it.  I had a few bites of the pork and then I was done with that too.  I did eat all the cole slaw and green beans though!

No rain for the time being so I’m going to try and get Rocky walked.  Then it’s home to jammies and trying to put the day behind me!

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