August 18th, 2009: elbow strike

Guess who took a wicked elbow to the nose today at MT (muay thai) class?


ME!  Oh yeah! I was working with Scott and he blocked and I just sort of walked right into an elbow.  Straight to my schnoz!  It’s a little swollen and black/blue but nothing too serious.  Hurts just a bit but more like a bruise than anything.  I took some ibuprofen and it’s all good in the hood.  It actually doesn’t look too bad, just made my big Polish nose a little bigger is all. :p Never did I think I would post up a closeup pic of me sans any kind of makeup. But here I am, post MT and shower in all my bedtime glory. :D

Love Tuesdays because I get to come home to fish Tuesday!  :woohoo:  Load it up baby!

Tilapia with chipotle glaze

Tilapia with a chipotle glaze on top (I made).  Baked at 400 to flaky perfection.

Brussel sprouts

Roasted asparagus and brussel sprouts.

White beans with salsa

Beans two ways!  These are the white beans I cooked on Sunday.  One was with salsa and hot sauce.

BBQ beans

The other had sauted red onion and green pepper, a little buffalo sauce, and lots of BBQ sauce.

Beans, potatoes, fish, and veggies

Some roasted potatoes thrown in for good measure.  They were leftover from Sunday and needed used up.  Beautiful dinner!  I might have a piece of chocolate and then it’s off to bed to read for a while.

Till tomorrow lovies!

9 thoughts on “August 18th, 2009: elbow strike

  1. Ouch!

    Hey, you gotta share your roasted brussels sprouts recipe/technique/whatever. I just bought some for the first time in like 20 years, hated them last time I had them, and am hoping I’ll like ’em now (kind of like how I did with asparagus.)

  2. Paul Smith says:

    Ouch! Hmm. From the photo you should be able to get either a nice dress or an expensive night out from hubby’s guilt alone. Now if it were broken – we’re talking diamonds.

    Feel better. Ice. And plenty of it.

  3. OUCH!! I got slammed in the face with my friend’s head and it hurt like crazy but I didn’t think it was broken. Several years later I found out it was broken and never healed properly. Cue rhinoplasty, aka hell. I hope it heals quickly, and if you have any question about it being broken or not, get it checked out! I waited until it healed wrong (shifted to the left), and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else!

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