August 18th, 2009: breaking the mold

Hi gang! Last night was spent upgrading my transcription system which wasn’t super smooth thanks to the buttmunchness of Windows but it all worked out.  Unfortunately I had to miss SF class because I had to do work stuff.  Then I did some bloggy stuff and eventually this sister needed a snack.
Banana softserve

Hello big honkin’ bowl of banana soft serve!  This time I added in some vanilla almond butter and a few dark chocolate chips on top.  Heaven!  I have no idea how many bananas I used, maybe 4?  Enough that both Scott and I had huge bowls of it.  We both love this stuff and I will gladly lick my bowl clean in the most unladylike manner possible.

For those new to the scene, banana soft serve is made with frozen bananas.  Now it takes a few minutes and when you first start be sure to hang onto the food processor tight or it will go tumbling around.  Gena is the inventor of this fabbo treat!

Be forewarned, it does NOT taste like vanilla ice cream.  It tastes like bananas.  However it has the texture and consistency of ice cream.  And you can do all sorts of stuff with it because it’s basically a blank canvas.  Lots of folks have incorporated other fruits into the mix as well. :D  Basically it’s a fabbo creamy treat and it’s just bananas! :woohoo: I ate that, headed up to bed to read for a bit (a new sort of cop/mystery book with a chick who rides a motorcycle, is Irish, and frequently tells people to eff off. Totally lovin’ this book!), and then crashed it out.

Listen to this crackheaded business I pulled this morning.  I had my alarm set for 6am because I’ve got work, blog, life stuff to get done.  For some bizarre reason, at 5:30am I decided I was looney tunes because why did I even think about setting my alarm for 6am when it’s Sunday and I could sleep in! So I turned my alarm off and went back to bed.

Sister, what?! :o

I only overslept an hour but dang that soft serve was no joke.  Act responsible kids, and soft serve with caution. That’s your OHC PSA for the day.

Chocolate soymilk

I headed out for my run was 3.5 miles today and got that done in 37mins which puts me at slightly over an 11min/mile pace.  Which is okay but I want to get back to 10:30!

I had some CS and was back out the door for Rocky’s walk and quickly because it looked like it was going to rain.  Stretch, shower, and then a glorious breakfast.

Coffee and oats

This bowl had two nectarines and they were the last ones!  I’m all out, booo.  The oatmeal was fantastic and I settled in for blog reading as I downloaded work files on my desktop.  Huge files that take over an hour (each) to download.  Fun times.

Smoothie, salad, and fruit

Then it was time to feed my bellah again before getting started working on these files.

  • Mixed greens
  • Cucumber
  • Shredded carrot and parsnip
  • Peanuts
  • Granola
  • Cranberries

With balsamic and oil on top.


  • 1C pineapple juice
  • 2C US cranberry juice
  • Kale
  • Shredded carrot and parsnip
  • 2 fresh figs
  • Frozen peaches
  • Frozen blueberries


Lunchie! I’ve been less than enthused with salads this week because the mixed greens I picked up have this weird leaf in it that I call the evergreen leaf. Not that it’s prickly pointy but that it has a weird sort of tree look to it. I don’t care for it and the mix is loaded down with this stuff. Therefore this is causing me some salad sadness. Today’s salad was really good though!

And, brace yourselves, I had some meat at lunch. GASP! I know, did your head explode? This is why I can’t ever label myself as something because I just don’t fit in anywhere. :D Scott was having leftover steak with his lunch and I had a few bites here and there. Mmmm!  Sorry for the lack of individual shots but I’m doing this post via my laptop since my desktop is in work mode.  My laptop is painfully slow and using iPhoto makes my head want to explode.  I can only handle so much!


I’m pretty sure that if someone were to try and describe me to someone else, the phrase, “not your typical chick” would probably be said.  One thing is certain, I hate the way society and the media portray women.  I hate the demands and expectations that are thrust in our faces.  Because you know what?  Not all women fit that mold, yo. *waves* And I also have a really odd sense of humor that not every gets or can appreciate.

So with that said, I bring you one of my favorite segments on teh interwebs, Sarah Haskins.  LOVE HER! And her snarky-ass commentary on all things women.  Here’s my latest fave, either you’ll love it or hate it.  I obviously love it. :D *sparkles*

3 thoughts on “August 18th, 2009: breaking the mold

  1. I LOVE Sarah, she’s awesome. Her videos are always right on point. I remember freaking out when I saw that PMS commercial. I actually yelled at my TV..hahah

  2. Yes, I totally agree, there is something crack-like with the banana soft serve. It totally gets you high of amazing goodness! :)

    What are you talking about, that sounds like a fantastic run girly! Way to go, you are awesome! :)

    BTW…I made the Pumpkin Pasta (well actually not with pasta but with veggies) and it was AMAZING! Thanks so much for this idea. I loved it to death.

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