August 16th, 2009: grill out

Grilling out, cooking out, or perhaps BBQing, which term do you use?  Growing up we said BBQing but when I lived in NC, I quickly learned that if you said BBQ people expect a whole other type of item.  So now it’s grill as in, “Hey let’s grill tonight.”

Last night was a grill night!  We have not sat outside and used the grill in a very long time.  Dinner was all prepped and ready to go, the only thing I had to do was slice some potatoes for roasting.

I sat with my laptop on the deck for a bit while waiting for my huns to wake up from his Sunday nap.  When he got up we talked about getting dinner started because I was hungry.  And I wanted some carby goodness.

7 grain pretzel sticks

7 grain pretzel sticks were perfect!  I split this with Scott while we chatted.  Then dinner!


I made a big honkin’ steak for Scott and had a small piece.


There were grilled zucchini slices.


Grilled eggplant slices.

Green peppers and onions

Also pepper and onion kabobs that got grilled.  Peppers and onions go great with steak and potatoes!

roasted potatoes Roasted taters.

Potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, onions, and steak.Who loves their veggies?! ;)

I had made coleslaw earlier but there was no room on my plate!  I kicked almost all of that too!  A few potatoes and peppers were left hanging around.

Then I grabbed my laptop and poured myself a drink.

Wine spritzer

White wine + cranberry juice + seltzer + fruit = fun party drink!  Sort of, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting but it was a nice drink with dessert built in.  Fresh fruit can totally count as dessert!

I think I have the basics of FB figured out.  And I did figure out the link so you can find me here.  Whoo!

Chocolate chips

I had a few nibbles of dark chocolate chips with my drink and then by 11:30 I was off to bed!

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