August 16th, 2009: gimme cheese!

Hi lovlies!  I didn’t do a separate dinner post for last night since we didn’t have too much before heading out to see Cirque!  I was hungry but not overly so, which meant “dinner” was a light affair.

Salad, cheese, crackers, and wineWe had small mixed green salads that were silly easy with cranberries, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sliced almonds.  Drizzled with a little bit of balsamic dressing.  On the side was some cheese crackers and some hunks of sharp cheddar.  To drink were some pre-show cocktails!  White wine spritzers, a little bit of chard with some seltzer.  Mmmm!

All my bod seems to want this month is cheese and lots of it! So I’m obliging but still keeping things in check.  Cheesy crackers and a few nibs of the cheddar were perfect last night.  I would break off small pieces of cheese and savor the flavor.  And hello, this little combo I’ve got going on: salad, cheese, crackers, AND wine is like my favorite little nibble plate.  Love it!

Then we attempted to take a nice shot of ourselves before the show.

Scott and IShot 1 where we are discussing the best angle and Scott is also being totally ridiculous.  I don’t even know what he’s doing or attempting to do in this picture.  And that’s me in all my big Polish nose glory. REPRESENT!

Scott and IAhhh now we’re bringing in the pretty.  Look at my stud muffin of a man, can we not just eat him up?

This was our first time at Nationwide Arena and I have to say that the arena itself is really nice.  It’s new so it’s still very clean and purty.  The seats were a bit squishy and one barely had room to move.  I don’t know how fans negotiate their actions during hockey games.  Or concerts.  Or during professional bull riding shows which will be coming up at the arena in October.  Wanna go?

The show started and I will tell you that I found the opening scene totally bizarre.  Like way out there, the choreographer is still dropping acid kind of trippy.  Most of the stuff Scott and I really enjoyed but there was a bunch of stuff we didn’t care for.  I for one don’t like clowns nor do I care for clown routines because I don’t find them funny.  There seemed to be a lot of that type of stuff this time around.  We liked Corteo a lot better.  But Saltimbanco had its moments and we were glad we went!

We got home around 10:30pm and this grandma crashed out.  Seriously I was so tired, I put on my jammies and went to bed. End of story!

I got up this morning at 7am and busted out into the humidity for a 4mile run.  I wore my running shorts which are still fantastic!  My run was just okay.  My pace was close to a 12min mile which surprised me.  1. Because I was doing okay and 2. Because my time seemed okay.  However, I know this is because I didn’t fuel properly before hand.  I was a bit hungry when we got home last night but being tired won out and I went straight to bed.  I should have had a small snack and I would have been fine this morning.  Lesson learned, I under-fueled.

Chocolate soymilk

A big class of CS and back out for a short walk with Rocks.  Then I stretched and did refuel!

Coffee, yogurt and granola

Okay well maybe you don’t consider coffee as refueling but I do!  With some yogurt, granola, and cranberries.  I ate and read blogs and had FoodTV going on in the background.  Then I got up and started making Sunday Breakfast and getting things for dinner prepped.

All I wanted to eat today was protein and carbs.  Gimmegimme!

Scrambled eggsScrambled eggs with chopped spinach and salsa mixed in.  Spicy chili galic hot sauce on top and melted pepperjack cheese!

Toast12grain bread toasted and buttered.

Watermelon and cantaloupeMah melons!

Juice Mim-FAUX-sas!  Pineapple juice+OJ+Seltzer = delicous fun!

Juice, eggs, toast, and fruitI had two glasses of juice!  Totally unheard of around here!  And three 1/2s of toast, tons of fruit, and most of my eggs.  Mmmmm delish!

Dinner prep included this:

SangriaWhat I hope turns out to be a party in a pitcher!  A bottle of chard mixed with apple, blueberries, and watermelon.  Letting that chill for a bit then I’m adding seltzer and getting busy!

Alright gang I am on Teh FacePlace (bonus points if you get the reference and can name it!) and still trying to figure things out.  So if you are also with the FacePlace friend me!  Um, I’m not sure what link is the link to hand out but if you look for Off Her Cork you should be able to see me.  I think?

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  1. I will try to find you. Your pictures look great. You certainly have lost weight. … not that I ever thought you were over weight to start with:)

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