August 12th, 2009: silent scream

Hey gang! I did have a small munchie last night.


A sliced up golden delicious and some PB.  I realized I didn’t need the PB as I was eating the apple and nixed it.  I didn’t even finish all of the apple!  I really just needed something small to help fill me up and some apple worked perfectly!  Then I headed off to bed to read for a bit.  I finished, Mirror, Mirror which is written by the same guy who wrote Wicked.  Mirror, Mirror is really bad.  Not quite Son of a Witch bad but I’d put it right next to it.  Thankfully I’m now done and can move on!

I was alseep and crashed out by 10:30 and my alarm went off at 6am.  I laid there for about 15-20 minutes and then got up to take care of Rocks and get the day started!  It was not as humid this morning as it had been but there was a definite thickness to the air that could be seen in some morning mist.  Next to running in snow, one of my favorite things to do is run through fog or mist.  I love it!  It’s very calming to me.  Today was an easy run according to my schedule and I did 2.5 miles in 27 minutes.  That still keeps me under an 11min mile by a good 15 seconds.  Whoooo!!  And my legs were tired today too!  More my hips really.  We were doing some funky grappling type stuff Monday night at SF class and my hips have been tight ever since.

Chocolate soymilk

I had a glass of CS and then headed out with Rocky for a 30 minute walk.  It was so nice outside that I made sure to get in a good walk with him.  Then I came home and did some wonderful stretching and hit the showers!  I don’t know about you, but super hot showers are a favorite of mine.  And taking a really hot shower after a fabbo morning workout is a fantastic sensation.

I checked in with the office first before making breakfast which was a repeat of yesterday.

Coffee and oatmeal

Only this time I used two peaches instead of one peach and one nectarine.

Morning oats:

  • 3/4C vanilla soymilk
  • 1/2C old fashioned oats
  • 1 mashed banana
  • Pinch cinnamon
  • 2 peaches chopped
  • 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder
  • 1TBSP ground flax

With coffee that was excellent this morning.  Expect to see these oats a lot this week!  After breakfast, I poured more coffee because I was having trouble staying awake.  This grandma needs more sleep!  And I got busy working on my recap post, and yes I’m still working on it. :D

The past few days I’ve been having technology induced stress which is causing me all sorts of grief!  I have so much that I need to get done and both of my computers decided to crap out on me today.  My laptop ran out of memory so I’m scrambling to get that resolved because I need it for some projects.  And as I was working on my recap post today, my desktop decided to just freeze up on me.

I banged my head against the wall and then got up to make some lunch.  I wasn’t too hungry today, so I settled on a nibble plate.

Carrots, cucumber, and crackers

Carrots, cucumber, and crackers for the HumTub.

Watermelon and cantaloupe

More melons!


Smoothie of unfortunate color:

  • .5C carrot juice (I’m out! sniff)
  • 1.5C OJ
  • 1C US cranberry juice
  • Kale
  • Shredded carrot and parsnip
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Frozen peaches
  • Frozen mango

It was yumlicious!

Smoothie, veg plate, and fruit

I picked at lunch here and there chatting with Scott who also picked at my lunch. :p  I cleaned up the kitchen and now I must get back to working on posts!  Catch you for dinner, the contents will be a surprise to both of us!

2 thoughts on “August 12th, 2009: silent scream

  1. Oh I can’t believe you actually read all of Son of a Witch then proceeded to read Mirror Mirror. I only read half of SoaW then tossed it (in a drawer somewhere). I’m staying clear away from those books now that you said MM was bad.

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