Review: Sunny and Joe’s Hummus Part II

Sonny and Joe's Hummus Hi gang! In case you missed my first review of Sunny and Joe’s Hummus please have a look-see over here.  This review will cover the last three flavors of hummus in order of least favorite to most favorite.  In case you didn’t read that right, I said this review will cover the LAST THREE flavors of hummus. Because I don’t have any more. It’s gone, my fridge is in tears.

Toasted Sesame Seed Hummus is first up!  I don’t have a picture of it because it was hard to take a picture of and make interesting since it was just basic hummus in color.  It really was just plain hummus and actually didn’t have as much flavor or depth as their actual plain hummus (Just Hummus).  The texture and thickness of the hummus stayed true to what seems to be Sonny and Joe’s trademark, a very thick, rich, and creamy hummus.  That part I loved! But the over all flavor was a bit bland and I found myself having to add spices to give it some interest.

Toasted pinenut Hummus The Toasted Pinenut flavor was a step up and definitely more interesting!  I did find that the pinenuts sort of got lost in the hummus and I never knew when I was eating one.  A little more pinenuts might help in this case.  The herbs, olive oil, and smokiness from the toasted pinenuts gave the hummus a nice depth making me want to dive back in for more.

And while I would purchase this flavor over the Toasted Sesame flavor it was not the star of the show.

Garlic Addiction Sunny and Joe's Hummus Garlic Addiction Hummus is by far my favorite flavor of Sunny and Joe’s.  Being of Eastern European stock, this means that garlic is my life force and I must eat it as often as possible.  While great for my health, it’s not so appealing when I’m sweating up a storm during workouts.

I was a bit nervous at first because I thought it might be a little over powering even for me.  Oh I was wrong.  I could eat the entire container licking it clean like a savage.  This is the hummus that when I ate it, I would close my eyes and just enjoy the experience.

Eaten with crackers, it reminded me of the best kind of garlic bread. The kind that is buttery and covered in chopped garlic and toasted to a crispy perfection.  The kind you want to stuff your face with and hope no one notices.  It tastes just like that.  If you love garlic or if you’re like me, and it’s your life force, this hummus is for you!

My over all opinion is that Sunny and Joe’s makes some very fine hummus. And I’ll tell you right now that I consider myself a hummus snob.  I like very creamy and thick hummus.  Sunny and Joe’s delivers those qualities perfectly in their products.  Definitely be on the lookout for their hummus and pick some up right away if you find it!

Big thanks to Sonny and Joe’s and Elissa for allowing me to sample their great product!

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  1. You’re so good at reviewing things thoroughly and with an appropriate tone.
    You save the sailor mouth for the daily blog, am I right? :)
    We LOVE your blog Andrea. I totally know what you mean. I feel like we’re blog sisters who are the real, raw deal!

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