July 7th, 2009: Take a hike

Hi gang!  I cannot even tell you how full yesterday’s lunch kept me.  It was going on 8pm and I still wasn’t very hungry.  I sort of just wanted to pick at things.  I could have completely not eaten a thing and been fine though. :o  Either the lunch was major filling or my body just isn’t used to that kind of heavy lifting in the afternoon and it didn’t know what to do. :lol:  Seriously though it did not sit heavy in my stomach except for right after I finished and walking around took care of that.  I just wasn’t hungry.  So weird!  But since I was in the mood for picking, I made a snack plate for Scott and I to share.

Cheese, fruit, and crackers

Ta-da!  From left to right:

  • White cheddar pieces (I take a slice and then just crumble it into small pieces)
  • Two kinds of sheep’s milk manchego
  • Kashi veggie crackers
  • Cantaloupe
  • Carrot sticks
  • 365 Not-Triscuits
  • Hummus with hot sauce
  • A glass of red wine

The cantaloupe was so good, I probably could have had that the rest of the night.  I focused on that, carrots, and crackers.  I only had a few nibbles of cheese.  I had cheese in the wrap for lunch so I didn’t really need more yesterday.  While we snacked, we watched To Catch a Thief.  Not too shabby!  I do have to say the way people fall in love in older movies cracks me up.  The know each other for two minutes and all of the sudden it’s true love! :p

I could have easily went to bed at 10pm but I stayed up a bit longer to snugs with my huns.  Then before 11pm I headed up and crashed it in bed.

This morning I got up around 7ish to get the day started!  I took care of Rocky and had some coffee.


Mmmm bliss!  I did some computer stuff and then a bit later got Scott up.  Time for breakfast and I kicked up the oats today.


1. Because I wanted to see if I need a bigger portion and 2. Because we’re going hiking today and need the fuel.

Blueberry oats!

  • 1C vanilla soymilk
  • 3/4C old fashioned oats
  • 1 mashed banana
  • 1TBSP ground flax
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • Blueberries

Mix-ins were coconut, crushed pecans, and some vanilla almond butter.  YUM!  This was filling and I couldn’t finish the whole bowl but close!

We’ve got a big day ahead of us!  We’re heading out to a nearby lake and park for some hiking, picnicing, and relaxing.  I’m going to see what kinds of foods I can pack and also get a bag packed for Rocks.  Then we’re off!  I’m not sure if I’ll be posting again today but I’ll try if I’m not too wiped out. :D  Later guys!

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