July 7th, 2009: Our day

Smoothie and Odwalla bar A: I’m making us something to snack on for the way up. My belly feels empty and I’m not going to hike on an empty stomach.

S: What are you making? I don’t ever say no to smoothies.

A: Smoothies it is, no carrot though since we’re going to have carrot later.  Just usual juices, kale, and lots of frozen fruits.

S: Cool.

Me and Rocky by a map A: HEY! This map doesn’t show anything about bathrooms. I have to pee!

S: We’re supposed to loop around and hit a picnic area with rest rooms.

A: Alright, I’m trusting you on this.

Scott and IS: Why are you walking so fast?

A: Because I have to pee! It’s got to be around the corner.

Me and RockyA: Down here maybe?

S: We’ll hit it, don’t worry.

Andrea and RockyA: Keep going, keep going, keep going.  We’re hiking and having a good time!  Hiking!

MeA: Oh look shells! I didn’t even think we would find shells around here.

S: This water is loud.

A: For a creek it sure is huge. Okay let’s move because I still need to pee.

RockyR: Down this way mom! I can smell something!

A: Look we’ve busted out this trail and haven’t come to any restrooms. And this circles back to the car. I’m going to have to suck it up and use the porta-potty.  What kind of visitor’s center doesn’t have restrooms but makes people use a porta-potty?  Hold Rocky.

Sweet, sweet relief…

S: Well?

A: The good news is that it didn’t smell.  The bad news is there was no lock and the door stayed slightly ajar the whole time.  I actually had to pee so bad I didn’t care if anyone saw anything.

S: I’m off to pee.

A: I’ll be here.

A: So listen, the trails at this park are a little odd and I don’t dig the porta-potty.  Biting flies keep landing on Rocks and gnats are all over the place.  Let’s just go.

S: There’s another park down the road.  Do you want to hit it?

A: Okay.

Rocky R: This is a much better park guys.  It’s not as buggy and way cooler.  I think I could relax for a while.

Rocky smellingR: Wait a minute that smells like lunch!  What are you eating up there!

Scott eatingA: Grrr!

S: Hrm?

A: None of the close-ups are coming out! They are all blurry.  I’m going to have to just do a close up group shot.  You know I don’t like that.

Picnic lunch S: What’s going on?

A: Salad for me and leftover wrap for you.  Cantaloupe, purple slaw, and vegan nuggets for everyone.  And raspberry lemonade for you.

Rocky R: Cantaloupe for everyone you said?  Where’s mine? I like cantaloupe too.

A: I have some for you alright. No need to stick out your lip and pout about it.

Us A: Let’s get a picture.

S: I don’t think that’s going to work.

A: Won’t know till we try.  Aw crap, let’s try again.

Us A: Hey that’s better!  This park is loads better than that other porta-potty park.  We should come here again.

S: Are you ready to pack it up and start walking around?

A: Hike! Hike! Hike!

Me and RockyA: Whoa that’s a buzzkill.  No pets on nature trails.  Wha the wha?!

R: I got this sign mom, don’t worry.

S: Let’s hit the paved trails that are around the park and not “through” the park

A: Cool, let’s go.

Me and Rocky A: Camelbak was probably a little over-dramatic today, eh?

S: Did you even use it?

A: Yes I did, thanks.  Not much but I did use it.  I think someone’s getting tired.  Oh and hey, thanks for having my back and telling me my shirt was inside out.

S: No problem. It didn’t look funny, so no worries there.

Rocky R: Let’s go guys. I’m wiped out and wanna crash back home.

A: You got it lil dude.  Let’s jet.

PretzelsA: I’m hungry. I’m going to munch on these 7 grain pretzels while we discuss dinner.

S: Scallops?

A: Sure.

ScottS: Hi, my name’s Scott.  And behind me, you can see that today we’re cooking wildcaught USA scallops.  And some whole wheat penne with broccoli rabe for dinner this evening.

Me and Scott S: This is my punkass wife, Andrea.  She doesn’t cook at all.

Me cooking S: I’m not even sure she can boil water.  I do all the cooking around here. I’m sure that is apparant.

Scallops S: Here are the beautiful wildcaught scallops that we get from Sam’s.

Penne with broccoli rabe and zucchini S:  Whole wheat penne with sauteed broccoli rabe and zucchini.  Some onion and a can of diced tomatoes with garlic help create a sauce for the penne.  Sprinkled with shaved parm to bring some salty tang to the pasta and compliment the sea salt background of the scallops.

Scallops and pasta S: And everything all together.  I’m sure after dinner, my punkass wife is going to want some red wine.  And she may or may not want some ice cream. If only she would help out more around the kitchen the ice cream demands would be slightly more tolerable.  Of course I’m kidding, she’s totally tolerable!

8 thoughts on “July 7th, 2009: Our day

  1. Heather says:

    Is it wrong that I laughed at the shirt inside out comment? LOL

    And then I *really* laughed at the flip in commentary.

    Too funny!

  2. Haha this post was so fun! I ALWAYS have to pee when we go hiking! And that’s too funny about the inside-out shirt. I loved Scott’s dinner commentary :D

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