July 26th, 2009: I see food diet

Hi lovies! The fabbo Gina talked about a seafood fest she had at her house and that reminded me that I had crab legs in the freezer that needed used up.  Hello seafood night at the HQ!


There was roasted asparagus. Do you guys get sick of seeing how much asparagus we eat? Because we eat a ton of it! Especially with seafood, it’s my fave combo of protein + veggies.  And if I find a good price I snag some up quick!


Shrimp that I roasted in the oven.  It had grated garlic, buffalo sauce, soy sauce, and olive oil with garlic powder, sea salt, and black pepper.  Takes 3 minutes to cook them in the oven at 400.  Lightening quick!

Crab legs

Crabby crab legs!  That I tossed in a huge roasting pan and let heat up gradually in the oven.

Shrimp, crab legs, asparagus

With homemade cocktail sauce, and some melted butter for dipping goodness.  I cleared all of that and had another section of legs to eat.  MMMMM

And my love ate them with me!  Before he used to not eat crab legs.  He liked crab but “not enough to make a meal out of it.” However when I had them, he would pick through my legs and get all the meat that I didn’t get.  Eventually he got to a point where he liked crab legs enough that he wanted to eat them as part of a meal.

Quickie fact, our first official I’m-taking-you-to-dinner date was at Red Lobster.  I love crab legs but I was too embarassed to order them on our first date because I didn’t want to fuss with them and make a mess in front of Scott.  What would he think?!

And now I’ll crack them open with my teeth without a second thought.  I told you I am Klassy!

I showed Scott the puncture wound on my finger that I sustained from prying open the legs and his response was, “That’s one shell of a cut.”

Apparently, acquiring a taste for crab has no impact on his joke telling skills.

After dinner we putzed around for a bit and then decided to watch some Hot Fuzz bonus features.

White wine spritzer

White wine spritzer was involved!  We still had a white from Thursday open and that needed finished.  Mostly seltzer and barely 1/4C of wine in the glass. It was perfect though.

The Hot Fuzz guys I guess had a video blog and posted a bunch of behind the scene vids during the shoot and afterwards.  They did the one thing that drives me bonkers when people talk about blogs and that’s use the word blog improperly.  Ever come across a person who calls the blog entry or article “a blog”.  For example:

I just wrote a blog and it got deleted!

Don’t worry, I’m going to write a blog about what happened.

I’ll sit down and write a blog tonight.

Instead of realizing that the blog is the whole website and when one writes something they “post”.  So the guys kept saying, “Hello and welcome to the first blogs.  We’ll have several blogs up along the way!”  I dunno maybe in England they do call them blogs?  It drove me bonkers. :twitch: Other than that the behind the scenes stuff wasn’t shabby.

Then I had a legit glass of wine and a snack.

apple, crackers, and peanut butter

A fresh apple! With some kashi crackers and PB.  I got minimal raw fresh veggies/fruit Saturday and yesterday.  But the end of yesterday evening my body was feeling so off and out of balance.  The minute I started eating that apple my body was like, “Ahhh this is much better!”  Today will focus on lots of veggies and fruit for me.  Don’t worry, I’ll write a blog about it.

Then I hit the hay!

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