July 25th, 2009: Sweet chocolatey balls

Hi guys!  Last night was a little strange regarding food here at the HQ.  My lunch, while not gigantic, kept me super full for a very long time. :O  And I was cursing myself for having that piece of bread because I was all bloaty again, bah!  There was a small snack of chips.

Baked salt and vinegar chips

Baked salt and vinegar, eaten while Scott and I finished the new maps of Army of Two. I seriously am considering starting a gaming blog because not many chicks game and I sorta wanna represent.  Plus I could get my swearing fix in and post pictures of my fabbo Marcus Fenix action figure without batting an eye. :D

It wasn’t until 9:30 that I even remotely started to feel hungry and even at that point I wasn’t starving.  Scott had leftover pizza and I decided to just roast up some veggies and call it a day.

Roasted veggies and vegan nuggets

  • Red onion
  • Green pepper
  • Sugar peas
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Yellow squash

Olive oil + soy sauce + garlic powder + pepper + sea salt  Roasted at 400 for a few minutes.  Also some vegan nuggets on the side dipped into hot sauce.  Damn I love these things.  If you eat soy products, check these babies out at your local Whole Foods.  It’s a combo of soy and mushroom protein.  And yes it’s processed but it’s not like I’m telling you to eat it everyday for breakfast.  Every so often ain’t no biggie.

While eating dinner we watched TV and I also sipped on some red wine.  No picture like an butthead.  I thought I got a pic of it with dinner but I guess not!  Very small glasses and I had two of them.

And then I wrapped my lips around some sweet chocolatey balls.


Maltballs baby! And not some crazy whoopers but some actual hand fondled molded chocolate balls.  Loved it!  Then I crashed out in bed hoping some sleep would help my neck and shoulders.  Umph!

4 thoughts on “July 25th, 2009: Sweet chocolatey balls

  1. Yum! Those vegan nuggets sound awesome! I need to start pre-chopping my veggies! I was wondering how you got the energy to prep all those veggies after still being sore from MT, but I guess you probably had them prepped and ready to go.

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