July 24th, 2009: Carb train

Hi guys! Whoa sorry about being absent! I was working on this transcription for a friend and I just wanted to get it done.  And I did!  It was an hour and 45 minutes long and that makes for a long transcribing session!  I started last night and missed MT because of it.  I’m not stressing over it though.  I finally broke and called it a day around 7pm.  Time for pizza!  Hell yeah!


I did not make my own crust this week but just pulled out a WF crust from the freezer.  Pizza had:


  • Moz
  • Shredded carrot and zucchini
  • Red onion
  • Green pepper
  • Banana peppers
  • Artichoke
  • Jalapeno chicken sausage (most of it on Scott’s side)
  • Mushrooms for Scott’s half



I had three pieces and I ate them all! I know and I was totally stuffed afterwards. Doh! Two and a half slices is my limit and I need to remember that!  However I didn’t let it stop me from dessert. ;)

White wine

Wine and some Mexican wedding cookies from WF.  I had 1.5 of those. No picture because Scott was on wine/cookie picture duty and forgot.  No biggie, y’all have seen them before! :D  Snacks consumed while watching House Hunters.  Then I hit the hay because I had an early wakeup call today!

I hauled butt out of bed at 6:30.  Took care of Rocky, poured some coffee.  No picture of the first mug because apparently I was groggy and not thinking straight. :p

And started work before 7am.  So while I may not be getting up as early as some of you, I bet I started work earlier today! :D  I busted out that document and had it done by 10:30am my time which was 7:30am their time because they are over on the other side of the U.S.  I got Scott up, poured myself some more coffee and finally had some breakfast.

Coffee, scone, yogurt and granola

Yesterday was such a carb fest for me!  A scone in the morning, chips at lunch, and then pizza and cookies later! :o  Not that it matters, it’s just an odd occurrence for me.  But the carb train continues today!

It was late this morning and I was tired so I didn’t feel like cooking anything.  Thus I resorted to good ol’ yogurt and granola.

  • 2% Fage
  • Fruit and nut granola
  • Ground flax
  • Frozen raspberries
  • Cranberries

And another 1/2 of a pumpkin scone!  Breakfast was amazing!  After eating and putzing around on the computer for a minute, I realized that I was starting to get really crabby and cranky.  And for no reason!  Sure I was tired but why with the crankypants?  I needed to change that and a sure fire way to get rid of crankies for me is to go for a run.

I wasn’t looking forward to a run at noon, I will admit it and own that statement.  But I did it!  It was hot and I was tired so I only made 3 miles but that is aces as far as I’m concerned!

Chocolate soymilk

I had a small glass of CS which almost tasted too sweet for me.  Strange!  Then I was back out with Rocky and Scott came along too! :blush:  Once home I finally hit the shower and then made a glorious smoothie!


  • 1C vanilla soymilk
  • 1C unsweetened cranberry juice
  • 1C water
  • 1 red pear
  • Spinach
  • 1 Carrot
  • Cucumber section
  • Zucchini pieces
  • Watermelon
  • 2 prunes
  • Frozen peaches
  • Frozen blueberries

I used soymilk today since we weren’t really having a traditional lunch.  It was late in the day and I wasn’t super hungry nor was Scott.  But I knew for sure I needed to get a smoothie in me!  I needed the rawness of the fruits and veggies and I just needed fruits/veggies period. :)  It didn’t quite fill me up though so I had more carbs!

A WW pita toasted and topped with PB and honey. Which I also forgot to take a picture of!  Lordy, can you tell my brain is zonked?  I made Scott an egg sandwich which smelled so good as it was cooking.  A fried egg and black pepper is a favorite smell combination for me. Right up there with sauteeing onions and peppers.  Mmmm!

Now we’re trying to decide what to do for dinner.

  • Stay in and order take out?
  • Go out and try someplace new?
  • Stay in and cook something ourselves?

And in case you’re curious, I am totally less cranky now!  Running, it’s good for what ails ya! ;)

I’m starting to feel wiped out! So staying in just might be the winning choice!

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