July 1st, 2009: Reruns

Surprise!  Okay I know you’re not really shocked but if you’re wondering why dinner post is up so early, it’s because Scott and I were about to chew our arms off.  No smoothies at lunch and the nectarines weren’t a large enough substitute.  That resulted in us getting hungry very early!  I held out till 4pm and then heated up dinner.


Leftover frozen veggie medley from Monday.

Butternut squash

Leftover bnut fries also from Monday.

Shrimp enchilada

Leftover shirmp enchilada from last night.

Veggies, butternut squash, shrimp enchiladas

The whole party.  Those enchiladas were “huge”! Bonus points to those of you who snicker. ;)  I had the remaining half of what I didn’t eat last night.  I finished all of that bad boy too.  No way he was getting away!  And I ate some of the other veggies but not enough to clean my plate.  My bellah is full and I’m a happy girl.

I also keep squeeing over my clean floors and couches.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy sometimes. :D Off to SF class!

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