July 18th, 2009: Catch-up

Hi guys! I’m putting Friday night’s eats in this post because it’s small and not too terribly exciting. While Scott I and pondered the dinner situation, we munched on a small snack.

Raisins and peanuts

Raisins and peanuts! I love this combo! I was just slightly picky but not hungry at all. Lunch filled me up very well and held me over for a long time. Yeah we did eat lunch late but I didn’t get even slightly hungry for dinner until 8pm. :O  And we sat down to eat pushing 9pm.  Since it was so late, the last thing I felt like doing was pulling out pots and pans to make something.  Thank goodness for leftovers!


Pizza! I only ate two slices though and like one bite of the third.  I was content and didn’t need the third slice so I didn’t eat it.  Plus there was a possibility of dessert so I was saving room.

We watched TV and sipped and munched:

Red wine Cookies

Red wine and a pistachio macaroon for me from WF.  The other one is cappuccino flavored and Scott ate that.  I ate the entire thing but should have stuck to the outer perimeter because the middle part had a thicker concentration of filling which was just too sweet for me.  I should know better by now!  I didn’t feel icky or anything afterwards, which is good! But I still ate it even though I didn’t care for the extra sweetness which I should have just stayed away from.  Then I hit the sack for some ZZZZs.

After a slight sleep-in I got up and got moving on Saturday. The one thing I love about Saturday mornings is that I can just pour my cup of coffee and sit down.  Now I love morning runs and workouts but there is something calming and relaxing about being able to sit down with a mug of steaming coffee first thing instead of having to wait for it.


I sipped on coffee while sitting in the office doing stuffs.  Once I heard Scott fumbling around upstairs indicating he was up, I made some breakfast.


Oats! With two nectarines chopped up and added right before serving.  I love this even more than blueberry oats. :D  And peaches in oats are great too! But they have to be fresh, I’ve tried frozen and it’s not as good.  It just doesn’t provide the same sweetness or creaminess to the oats.

After breakfast it was time for some MT.  After class was some quick errands and I mean quick because I was hungry!  When we got back home I flip-flopped for ages on what to eat.  I knew that my body wanted, and would only be happy with, veggies and fruit.  However, we still needed to shower and get back out the door for more errands, so I didn’t want to take a whole bunch of time prepping things. Nor did I want to dirty a ton of stuff only to come back home to it later.  I tried so many things. I had leftovers from yesterday’s lunch taco but I wasn’t feeling that at all.  I heated up an Amy’s meal for Scott and some soup for me.  One taste of the soup and it was blah! Couldn’t do it.  Finally I bit the bullet and chopped up two veggies.

Crackers, carrots, cucumbers, and fruit

Carrots, cucumber slices, and some kashi honey sesame to dip in PB.  Melon goodness again. Scott was picking on me and calling this my appetizer plate. :p

No smoothie because I didn’t feel like dragging the blender out.  I know, I know! I wanted to keep lunch light and simple since it was later in the day and we needed to get moving.  We had to run to Sam’s to pick up salad mix and veggies, then to Target just because, and some other places.  Those errands took the rest of the day.  We came back home to put things away and fed Rocky dinner.  Then Scott said he wanted to take me out to dinner.  Ooo!

And we tried a new place but unfortunately we were seated in a very dark section and the pictures did not turn out. Even with me fiddling with them, they look too grainy and blah. So I’m just going to have to talk about our meals.

We tried a new pub in Dublin called, The Dublin Village Tavern.  I was pretty excited to try it out because they had a “build your own salad” section on the menu.  I’m all over that!  We were seated at a very small bar table but neither of us cared. We were out having a good time and hanging together, so the table, while not the greatest, didn’t bother us at all. The company was more important than the seating arrangement.

One of the items on the menu was warm pretzel bread with queso dip which Scott was all over.  He loves him some pretzels so he ordered that right away.  I snacked on the pretzel bread which was really tasty! The queso dip was a bit sketchy for me so I stayed away from that.  To wash it down we shared a Smithwicks beer.  I was pretty disappointed in this beer.  It was a Irish red ale made by Guinness and it looked amazing.  It had great dark amber colors but the taste didn’t quite follow suite. It was very watered down and tasted flat.  Man what a bummer when a dark beer doesn’t taste great!

Scott also ordered the house chowder for a starter.  It was a ham and potato chowder with carrots and jalapenos for some extra depth.  I had a small bite (no ham) and it was fabbo!  Honestly one of the better chowders I’ve had out at a restaurant.  Scott loved it and was trying to scoop the soup up that had spilled on the serving plate. :lol:

Of course I got a build your own salad!  There are two sections: you pick a salad base and then you pick a topper.  The salad base I picked was Tavern salad: Mixed greens, bleu cheese crumbles, diced tomato, bacon & red onion.  I asked for no bacon and my topper was grilled salmon.  I got a balsamic dressing on the side.

In all honesty I was really disappointed in my salad.  I ordered a small and the small size was about the size of a salad you would get with a meal.  Very small.  The mixed greens was a combo of romaine and iceberg.  The salmon was dry and flavorless.  To their credit there was no butter or oil on the salmon but there also wasn’t any seasoning or anything.  I cut the salmon fillet in half because it actually was huge!  Mixed up my salad and chowed down.  Since I wasn’t super hungry the salad ended up being a good amount.  However, it could stand to have other greens in there especially since one of the other salad bases offered was a spinach salad.  Put some of that spin in other salads if you’re going to say mixed greens!

Scott got a chicken philly sandwich which he liked and that came with fries.  I picked at some of his fries because they were yummy.  In the end we would actually go back again because the staff and the atmosphere were great.  Plus they have an awesome patio which I would love to be able to sit at next time.  Now I know to get a bigger salad and a different topper.  Also to their credit they have other veggie dishes available which is a lovely thing to see!  I wish I could show you pictures! You all know I don’t like experiencing something and not be able to share that with you. :D

We came home and took Rocks out for a quickie walk then it was time to chill in our jammies. Of course there was wine and dessert!

Red wine Vegan chocolate pudding A glass of red wine, finally kicking that bottle which lasted us for three days. We rock!  And that is delicious vegan chocolate pudding from WF.  It is awesome! I admit I was skeptical because it’s made with silken tofu and I don’t like tofu so I wrongly assumed that I wouldn’t like this.  Way off base! It was fantasic.  Rich, creamy, and dark chocolately goodness.  Scott and I shared a container while we watched TV and snuggled.  Then I headed off to bed. Great day!

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  1. haha it is very often the case that i’m too lazy to get out kitchen appliances :D Sorry about the lame dinner- I hate that eating healthy when u go out means getting lame ass salads half the time!

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