July 13th, 2009: Fruit overload

Hi guys!  Here’s the scoop on dinner. Remember way back in June when I made those Super Charge Me cookies from Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan? Well I’ve been out of maple syrup since then. I know! It’s been a pain in the behind because I’ve been craving pancakes and/or waffles for the longest time.

Yesterday I was finally able to purchase two bottles of maple syrup at the grocery store but that was already after we had Sunday breakfast.  I have been dreaming of pancakes ever since.  I’m silently boycotting waffles until I get a new and fancier waffle iron.

Ahem. :eyebrow:

Breakfast foods and pancakes were on my mind all day today.

Finally I stomped my foot and thought, you know there is no reason why I can’t have Sunday Breakfast for Monday night dinner.  So that’s what I did!

Raspberry pancakes

Hello beautiful raspberry pancakes made with a mix of WW pastry and AP flour.  I also threw in some chopped pecans.  I have always struggled with making my pancakes sweet enough.  Just enough sugar sweetness to give it some extra punch but I could never figure out the right amount. The thought occurred to me, why can’t I use a mashed up banana to sweeten the batter the same way I use a mashed banana to sweeten my oats?


Mashed banana and just a very small amount of organic cane sugar added to the batter made these the best pancakes I have made to date.  And I’ve made a lot of flap jacks, yo.


Chicken breakfast sausage on the side that I love but am currently debating on giving up.  Still pondering that.

Pancakes and sausage

All together!  As I was eating I decided that my day didn’t have enough fruit in it so I pulled out some more watermelon.


I gladly munched on watermelon, my pancakes, and only one sausage.  Now I’ve got a full and happy bellah! Off to SF class, catch you tomorrow!

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