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The Running Yogini It’s the July issue of Feet on the Street! And this month is showcasing The Running Yogini! Who actually happens to be a friend of mine and we go back some time. Not only does the sister run but she’s also very into yoga, hence her blog name. ;)  Now let’s get chatting!

1. How did you get started running and how long have you been running?

I was a pretty hyper kid so my parents put me in gymnastics to try and work out some of my energy. I was very physical with very little sitting still. Lots of tree climbing, running through the woods, tag, capture the flag, etc. I guess as I got older I kind of stopped with the gymnastics & tree climbing and stuck with the running. I don’t exactly remember when I officially started grabbing the dog and going out on runs, but it was sometime between the ages of 12-14.

2. Was it something you loved right away or did it have to worm its way into your heart?

I’ve always loved running. For some reason my brain is wired like that. Running= Fun!

Brooks Adrenaline Running Shoes 3. Tell me about your shoes! What brand and what kind of shoe specifically (a neutral shoe, stability, for example).

Right now, I have a few pairs of shoes that I alternate. For my run/walks I wear my Asics gel kayanos, and my Brooks Adrenalines. I also have a second pair of Brooks Adrenalines that I wear specifically for walks. They’re too big for running, but perfect for walks. I currently have stability shoes, but since I had my orthotics made, I can get a neutral shoe so I will be visiting Fleet Feet in Raleigh for my next pair. I’m hoping for the Brooks Glycerin, but we’ll see!

4. Where did you get your shoes? Were you fitted for them at a running store, or did you research shoes on your own

It was fate. I went to a going out of business shoe store and I saw my very first pair of Brooks Adrenalines. I didn’t know anything about ‘real’ running shoes, but I saw the original price and thought there must be something special about them. Plus, they were marked down to my normal running shoe budget of $40. Before then, I always wore Adidas, but after then its been strictly Brooks until my first and current pair of Asics.

5. Where have your shoes taken you? Have you done any kind of races or running events with them?

I’ve done some 5ks, a 10k, 10 miler, and half marathon. I love races, but I also kind of have the mentality that I can run for free anytime. I guess I’m a little bit too frugal.

6. Switching topics, I know that yoga is another activity that you enjoy. How did you get started with yoga and what keeps you sticking with it?

My very first experience with yoga was a VHS that someone bought me (my mom?) during high school. I enjoyed it and I used the stretches, but that was it. I didn’t know there was more to yoga than that. In 2005 I wandered into a yoga class at my gym and it was amazing. I felt like new potential opened up for me. Since then yoga has really brought me a great amount of peace and joy. I have also learned to handle stress better. My yoga teacher is the one that suggested I read The Four Agreements and The Power of Now, which were both very pivotal books in my life. I know it sounds cheesy, but yoga absolutely changed my life. What has helped me stick with it is being okay with toning it down when I feel like it. Sometimes I feel restless and I don’t feel like doing an hour of yoga so I cut it short if I want to, but I always at least roll out the mat and give it a try. I also like mixing things up by trying out different yoga videos and of course going to class with my AMAZING yoga teacher.

7. Do you feel yoga has affected your running at all in a positive way?

Yes, I think my posture has improved as well as my flexibility. Also, yoga has helped me cope with my injuries emotionally. It can be such a frustrating and depressing experience and I think yoga really helped me keep my sanity and have patience with myself.

8. Gear talk, what are some of your favorite running and yoga must haves?

For Yoga: I love really long shirts (which can be tricky to find) and comfy stretchy pants or capris. Also, I have a thin mat and a slightly thicker mat depending on where I’m doing yoga.

For Running: My Garmin 305, ipod, technical tanks, non chafing pants & capris, and sweatbands. Also, moving comfort sports bras. I will never buy another brand (for running anyway).

9. What’s your favorite color and do you try to get workout gear in that color?

Purple. My newest purple addition is my ipod.

10. If you listen to music while working out, what are some of your favorite songs to keep you moving?

I listen to these songs on almost every run:

White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane (while stretching)
Holiday – Green Day (while sprinting)
Angel – Jimi Hendrix (warm up/cool down)
Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley version (cool down)
Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek (warm up/cool down)
I will follow you into the dark — Death Cab for Cutie (cool down)

Also on my ipod: Feist, Nirvana, Joss Stone, The Doors, Muddy Waters, Rage against the machine, Ben Harper, Portishead, Oasis, Silverchair, The Smashing pumpkins, tons of old school hip hop, and some newer hip hop & rap.

Thanks to The Running Yogini for chatting with me about running and her shoes! Everyone hop on over to her site and say hi! :D

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  1. I’ve added you to my blogroll. :-)

    Rocky is a cutie!! My dog’s nickname is “Old Timer.” He’s a puppy, but he acts like an old man. haha

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