Articles on Diet Myths

Hi guys!  I’m looking for some feedback from you all!  :D

I was thinking of doing a short feature on Diet Myths, writing articles on common misconceptions about what it means to eat healthy and live balanced lifestyle. For instance, the word diet and how it’s been transformed into meaning something dirty and negative.  But that’s just a start, other articles would be based on common food myths.

Keep in mind that I will be presenting these from my point of view and they will have my opinion attached to them. These are not going to be scientific articles but my thoughts on certain myths and trends that assault us on a daily basis via the media and so forth. I have no idea how long the feature would run at this point, that depends on how many topics I can think of! Basically these are things I’ve learned through my own journey that are the exact opposite of what we’re told via dieting trends.

Would you guys be interested in reading such articles?  In complete honesty, even if you’re not interested, I’m still going to do them. :p But I wanted to see what you all had to say because I adore you so!  If you have a topic idea please share! Either in the comments or email me and we’ll talk about it.

7 thoughts on “Articles on Diet Myths

  1. oh yeah, i am always interested to hear about personal experience with different ways of eating. i just think not one thing works for everyone…and well I don’t think true diets in terms of restriction work long term for most people

  2. Yes, post away!! I think the super low or no fat myth, and the protein myth, are very interesting. Um, yeah, and the salad myth…”I’m on a diet…I’ll just have the cobb salad with the dressing on the side” :|

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