Hi guys! I just got back from the SF seminar and I’m wiped out. A long two days of intense training and I’ve got some pretty sweet badges to show for it too.

Andrea's brusies

That doesn’t even count my legs where both shins are sporting some very nice bumps and lumps.  In case I haven’t mentioned it before, sticks are hard. ;)  These are just starting to blossom, so I’m sure their full color and glory will be revealed soon.  I love the bruises though because while, yes, they do hurt, it also means that I’m working hard and training hard.  The rush I get from a good run, I also get from a great training session.

So I hope you can understand my need to sort of crash on the couch and not give minute detail of my eats at this moment. :p  I’ll catch you all up tomorrow! Due to attending the seminar, my eats aren’t terribly exciting.  PB sammies for example, but I’ll share!

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