June 9th, 2009: Deadliest Dinner

Hi gang!  Right before MT class today I had a wee bit of Kashi blueberry cereal.


I went back and forth with myself on if I was going to have any or not.  I wasn’t terribly hungry but figured I would need a small something to get me through class.  I didn’t want to risk running out of steam half way through, that would be bad news.

I’m glad I did have something because by the end of class I was Starving with a capital S.  Goodness!  Class was also a hot sweaty mess since it’s so humid today, definitely needed the extra energy.  We took Rocky for a quick trip around the block and then I got busy making dinner.  Fish Tuesday!

Orange Roughy with chipotle glaze

Orange roughy with some chipotle sauce on top and baked till flaky.

Fish and roasted veggies

Roasted asparagus and brussel sprouts (I adore brussel sprouts!) that had a bit of olive oil, teriyaki sauce and spices along with a touch of lime zest and lime juice.  A wee amount of jasmine rice on the side.  Fabulous dinner!

Fish and roasted veggies are my favorite thing to make on Tuesday evenings.  It doesn’t take long to bake which is good because when we get back from class we are ready to eat.  And there’s minimal cleanup because no pots (unless there’s rice) or pans to wash.  If there’s rice, I use the pot I make oats with so I can reuse it the next morning. Score!  We watched some Deadliest Catch while eating supper.  Figured I would stick with a theme there. ;)

I’m going to make us a POM lime fizzie and hit the couch for Game 6.  Yikes!

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