June 8th, 2009: Repeats

The previous post took me so long to finish because I was listening to and reading about the new iPhone that’s just been released.  Hooray!  I’ve been semi-patiently waiting for the official release and now I’m all kinds of excited that not only has it been announced but will be available soon!

Okay, I’m done geeking out on you for now. :D

Dinner was leftovers!  This meant I had all day to work on blog stuff which was so nice!  I also even had time to make a quick batch of veggies for the Rocks. Let’s see if he likes it:

Rocky eating veggiesRocky eating veggies Rocky eating veggies

Taste test complete and kid approved.

Veggie mush

Don’t you want some of that veggie mush goodness? ;)

Now where’s my veggies?

Cheesy penne with pumpkin

Oh here the are!  Whew! I had a very small bowl for dinner because lunch kept me pretty full.  Alright gang I’ve got some things to finish before heading to SF class tonight. See you tomorrow! *fingerscrossed* The rain stays away so I can run, woo!

2 thoughts on “June 8th, 2009: Repeats

  1. I’m excited about the new iPhone too! haha even though I just got one, so I won’t be getting a new one anytime soon. The upcoming iPhone updates are supposed to be great too!

    Have a nice evening!

  2. Hey there! I didn’t get your e-mail….Its a long story, but basically I locked myself out of my e-mail because of some weird incident that happened when I was changing my password. So my new and forevermore e-mail addy is camtim42@inbox.com. Could you resend it there puh-lease? Thanks :-)

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