June 30th, 2009: Crisis averted

Hi gang! Before MT class this evening I had a small piece of a Clif. No pic because they all came out blurry and I can’t bring myself to post a blurry pic! White Chocolate macadamia.  It is in rotation for nibbles before morning runs.  I wasn’t too hungry before class but wanted a little extra something for some boost.  It worked! I do want to start looking at making my own energy bars though.  As convenient as processed things are and even though Clifs aren’t horrible, my own would be better.

After class we hit up Big Bird quick for some bananas! Gran’s got her nanners!  And naturally I walked away with a few more items. And then I stomped my foot and said that I seriously need to start my research and comparison list because I want to have a grocery budget and not “whatever”.  I did see that Big Bird carries Bush’s beans for 95 cents when Meijer has them for close to $2.

That’s a rip off Meijer!

If you’re at all interested in my findings I can do a write up about it.  Or even if you’re not, I might do it anyway! :p

Okay eats!  The fabbo Gina had enchiladas this week for dinner and wow but they looked good!  My wee brain started thinking and I decided that we needed some enchiladas in our lives too.  So instead of Tuesday fish/veggies/rice, I made shrimp enchiladas!

Shrimp enchiladas

Oh yeah!  I used WF 365 brand corn tortillas.  I already had brown rice that I cooked yesterday so I mixed that with some:

  • Spinach
  • Pinto beans
  • Shrimp
  • Salsa
  • Cheddar
  • Sauteed onion and green pepper slices

Along with raw shrimp, I also keep small already cooked shrimp in my freezer.  They are super easy to toss in soups, pasta, and you name it.  Very handy to have around!  I also made the sauce with a bit of onion, tomato paste and tomato sauce.  Seasoned that up and added a small bit of salsa, and called it good.

Topped with more cheddar for extra cheesy goodness! I was also very thankful I had time to prep this dish this afternoon so all I had to do when I got back home was heat it up.  Purrrfect!

Shrimp Enchilada Shrimp Enchilada

Yes, yes, yes!  I started off with two and went in for another half. YUM! They were mighty tasty and my bellah is very happy.  Shrimp enchilada experiment a success!

There will also be a wine spritzer in my future, thanks to Allison for reminding me about one of my fave combos. Nite kids!

5 thoughts on “June 30th, 2009: Crisis averted

  1. The grocery comparison list sounds like such a great idea. I really need to do that!

    Your dinner looks incredible. Shrimp enchiladas are a fantastic idea!

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