June 2nd, 2009: Fish Tuesday

Hi guys!  I was very ready for a preworkout snack today!  Since it was warm I decided on cereal.



A small amount of blueberry mini wheats with soymilk added after the picture was taken.  Random Andrea Food Fact: When I eat cold cereal I have to dunk every piece of cereal in the soymilk.  It has to be completely submerged at least once and I do them all at one time, then I can commence eating the cereal. :D

For some reason the cereal didn’t hold me over well though and I still felt a bit empty.  I lived with it as I didn’t want to eat any more.  MT class was a hot sweaty mess.  I tried rolling up the sleeves on my t-shirt but they kept falling back down.  I seriously debated taking off my shirt and just kicking it that way.  Hey if the fellas can do it, I can too!  But I decided to spare everyone and keep my shirt on.  Thankfully I picked a lightweight one!

I was so ready for dinner tonight!  My stomach was totally empty and rumbling to beat the band.  What I was craving was some sweet potato fries and asparagus.

Dinner time

Dinner time

Since we usually have fish on Tuesday, that made an appearance as well.  Salmon that I marinated in teriyaki sauce and chipotle mixture with green onions and cilantro.  So tasty!  Sweet potato fries tossed in buffalo sauce, roasted asparagus, and leftover baked beans.  Looks like a ton and it was!  I didn’t eat all of that though.  I did eat all the asparagus but there were leftovers of everything else.

Sweet potato fries for my sweet potato

Sweet potato fries for my sweet potato

Rocky loves fries and he couldn’t have any of ours because of the buffalo sauce, so I made him some of his own.  With a bit of peanut oil and garlic powder. :D  He’ll get them as treats through out the week.  Fries and “crusties” (Pizza crust) are his very favorite things.

Now I’m off to start Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals and I’m hoping it doesn’t drive me to drink.  See you tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “June 2nd, 2009: Fish Tuesday

  1. I think the way you eat your cereal sounds really tasty. I remember when I was little, I would WAIT until the cereal was soggy to eat it. So weird, right?

    Dinner looks scrumptuous! I miss salmon, hopefully I can get some when I’m home this weekend :)

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