June 23rd, 2009: strike a pose

Hi guys!  Last night was indeed another long night.  By the time Scott and I plopped down on the couch it was after 11pm. :O  I felt bad but I was yawning during the other guys’ test.  I was pooped!  I came home and had a small bowl of frozen grapes and two prunes.  No picture because I took pics during the test and so my camera battery needed charged.

Then I crashed in bed!  I got my sleepy butt up and out of bed at 7am and got started on my day.  Rocks was taken care of and I changed into running clothes and was out the door.  I did a very sweaty and slow 3.5 miles and headed back home for some CS.

Chocolate Soymilk

Glorious, especially when it’s steamy hot outside.  I ran back out with Rocky for his walk and then I could finally hit the shower.  I got Scott up and then went straight to making breakfast.  I wanted oats this morning and wanted them to be as simple as possible.

Coffee and oatmeal

Basic oats with some blueberries added in.  No mix-ins or anything. Easy peasy!  Along with some coffee, it was a very yummy breakfast.

I got started on some laundry and it feels like I just did laundry!  And worked on some things for the SF seminar this weekend.  After that was done, I realized I worked up an appetite and all I wanted was some vegan nuggets.

Vegan nuggets

As much as I love them, clearly vegan nuggets would not make for a great lunch. :p  So I had to toss in some other things in there as well.


Very small salad with mixed greens, shredded beet and zucchini.  Topped with a small amount of balsamic and olive oil.


Smoothie!  I found some spinach in the downstairs freezer and thank goodness because it meant smoothies were back to being on the menu.  Produce is getting scarce around here and I thought smoothies were down for the count.

  • 1.5C OJ
  • .5C POM
  • 1C water
  • Huge handful of spinach
  • 2 small carrots
  • Frozen peaches
  • Frozen pineapple
  • Frozen blueberries (because we didn’t get enough from breakfast ;) )

Remember this makes smoothies for both Scott and I, plus a little extra for Scott. :D


Kashi veggie crackers for dipping in hummus.  I love these crackers!  They are probably my fave Kashi cracker with honey sesame in a very close second place.

Salad, smoothie, and vegan nuggets

I dipped the vegan nuggets into bbq sauce and hot sauce.  These are the one highly super processed item that I adore. And it’s also why I don’t eat them too often.  They are sooo good! But soy and mushroom protein have to go through a lot to look like that and I also think they are fried, making them not the best thing around.  I will gladly take them over a chicken nugget any day though.

I have lots more to do today before MT so I leave you with this:

Scott and Andrea, demoThat’s us during my demo which was about exploring the difference in range using staff verses stick.  Clearly the staff is larger and going to have a longer range.  I provided examples of how using a stick still provides you with the ability to block strikes and also retaliate.  And then I moved on to show how just because someone has a larger weapon doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to come out on top.  Shown here as I’m about to take off Scott’s head with a strike. :D

Scott, staff anyoThat’s my babies as he finishes up one of the staff forms that we had to do.  His form was perfect! :D

2 thoughts on “June 23rd, 2009: strike a pose

    • Hey Lynn! :) I get them at Whole Foods. They are over in the refrigerated prepared foods case. Like where they have their salsas and hummus and things. They are just labeled as “soy vegan nuggets” in a little plastic container. They are used to make their sweet n’ sour or General Tso vegan dishes. The ones in the case just don’t have any sauce on them. They are awesome! I can eat them plain and cold too. :D

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