June 23rd, 2009: Al fresco

Hi gang!  Quickie post because I’m two seconds away from crashing hard.  I’m in a very relaxed state and I love it!  I worked out really hard today, first my run this morning and then MT class this evening.  My body is spent and I’m really kind of mellow.  I haven’t felt this way in a while, so I want to enjoy it!

Ahi tuna

Dinner tonight was part Ahi Tuna that I marinated in some teriyaki sauce with seasonings.  Then baked at 400 till cooked through.

Pasta with veggies

Leftover pasta! I snacked on some cold while the tuna was cooking and it was fabbo.  A great dish that would be good for picnics and traveling.

Tuna and pasta with veggies

I put a lot of pasta on my plate and didn’t think I would eat it all but I kicked it.  I didn’t eat all the fish because I was too busy focusing on the pasta.  Something I never do with pasta really.  I don’t think I mentioned it before but the pasta was whole wheat rotini.  It was so nice outside that we decided to eat dinner on the deck.  We were treated to a buns eating at the bird feeder and then a hawk swooping in for its dinner.

Alright guys, I’m out! Time to hit the couch with some seltzer and a book!

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