June 22nd, 2009: Pasta light

Hi guys!  Scott was having leftovers for dinner this evening and I needed something else.

Scott: Why can’t you have chicken?

Me: Because I had chicken yesterday and I don’t feel like chicken today.

Simple really. :p  I had some gorgeous chard just waiting to be used up.

Swiss Chard

Seriously, is this just not beautiful?  I love chard!  Greens are a new experience for me and I can’t get enough of them.  Greens were not something I grew up around.  Spinach was the only “green” to be had and boy were we missing out!

Pasta with veggies

I decided on a pasta dish with some veggies thrown in.

  • Red onion
  • Chard
  • Carrot
  • Zucchini
  • Roasted asparagus and green beans

When I made greenbeans yesterday, I blanched the whole batch but only roasted half.  Today I roasted the other half to go into the pasta dish. I pulled out some asparagus that needed used up and tossed that in as well.  A splash of chicken stock and my new favorite condiment…

Cholula Hotsauce

…made up the “sauce” for the dish.  I love this hot sauce!  I’m also totally new to spicy things because in the past I never liked spicy hot dishes.  It was too aggressive for my taste and made my tongue hurt!  Now I have a bit more tolerance but I still don’t care for hot sauce.  Tabasco and Frank’s taste very chemical and antiseptic for me.  But this tastes awesome!  It’s like taco sauce!  It is spicy but you can tell there are seasonings and spices in there as well.  Love it!

Roasted potatoes

What was true for chicken, was not true for roasted potatoes.  MMMM, I snagged a few off Scott’s plate.

Pasta and veggies

I topped the pasta dish with some shredded asiago and shaved parm.  YUM!  This dish was fantastic and I’m thankful there are leftovers for tomorrow. :p

Just an FYI, my posts may seem a little sporadic this week.  We are attending a SF seminar on Friday and Saturday which our school is hosting.  We’re helping out as well as attending and so I have some things I need to get done for that before Friday.  I’m going to try to keep on schedule but if things seem wonky, that’s why! :D

Round two of testing tonight as well!  Not for us, but for some other levels. Might be another late night when we get back home.

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