June 18th, 2009: More seafood

Hi guys!  Thank you all for the congrats about our test. :D  We’re still pretty stoked about it on this end and “celebrating”.  Last night I got a bit munchie and I knew that Scott wouldn’t be ready for dinner because he had a bigger lunch than I did so I pulled out a new snack.

Medijool date

Finally saw some medjool dates at WF.  Dang those mofos are expensive.  I picked the cheapest container I could find and it was still over $5.  I had two bites and was done.  I’m sorry food bloggers but I do not like the medjool dates.  There I said it.  They are like a sugar bomb and way too sweet for this sister right here.  I felt like I was eating liquid sugar.  Scott tried a bite even though he doesn’t dig on dates really and said it was okay but he’s not looking to chow down on some.

So what am I to do with the other $5 dollar dates I have sitting in the fridge?

And if you’re like me and had trouble finding them at WF, my WF stocked them in the refrigerated berry section located in the produce aisle in the front.  I don’t know either, I’m just passing this along.

Scott must have got a sugar rush from the date or maybe it was the rum and coke I made him, either way he started going picture crazy.


Rocky watching as I bust around the kitchen thinking about dinner.

Rocky's paw

I’m not what’s going on here but I think Scott is trying to tap into his artistic side.

Rocky giving the stink eye

And finally after ages of enduring Scottarazzi following him, Rocky gave the stink eye which screams, I am so done with this.

Me and Rocky

I read the situation and intervened like a good mom and asked Rocks if he was ready to ditch dad and maybe join me for some fishies.

Fish crackers

He agreed and we snacked on some fishies while I put together dinner and Rocky forgot all about being stalked.

I can’t get enough seafood lately and being a Pisces I’m not really sure what this says about me. I threw together a quick seafood and veggie udon noodle dish.

Seafood udon

Veggies were:

  • Onions
  • Green pepper
  • Yellow squash
  • Carrot
  • Broccoli
  • Shrimp

I made it a little too sweet this time around with too much teriyaki sauce but it was still good and hit the spot.  After dinner Scott and I settled in to watch an old movie, The Lady from Shanghai which was so strange and actually quite boring.  We didn’t care for it too much.  At some point we decided that we needed a snack.

Red wine and cookies

We had some wine and some Mexican wedding cookies from WF.  Goodness these cookies are so good!  I think we might have watched a House Hunters while munching on the snack and as per the rules to the House Hunters Drinking Game (copyright me) we had to drink because the husband got into the tub with his shoes on.

I totally hate this, btw, it makes me crazy in the head.

Me and Scott

Then because it was late and I was tired so it was time to call it a night and hit the hay.  I don’t wear makeup often so you’re just going to have to accept that along with the baggage my eyes carry around.  Deal? :D

5 thoughts on “June 18th, 2009: More seafood

  1. lol – love all the Rocks pictures :)

    Hey – I’m glad you are honest! :) I really thought I was going to HATE the dates (and yes – why are they so damn expesnive!) – but i was pleasantly surprised! Sorry you didn’t like them!!!!

  2. Heather says:

    Can you make baked goods with the dates?

    Yeah that movie is not one of Welles’s best. It has it’s moments but when you know the history of it it sort of makes sense that it’s not very good.

  3. Oh man! The ‘stink eye’ pict is WAY too funny!! Sarah had great advice. Dates are awesome for baking (or rawing). They are sweet and sticky so they help food hold together. Any kind of bars. Also the recipe from those raw donut holes looks great.

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