Review: Sam Adams Imperial Series Imperial Stout

Sam Adams Imperial Stout

Sam Adams Imperial Stout

I told you that there would be a lot of Sam Adam’s beer popping up on OHC because we just started trying it at the HQ.  You all know about my gigantic love for dark, dark beers.  And also about my complete glee when I’m able to drink a stout.  Thankfully Scott shares my love, thus allowing us to participate in threeways at the HQ as often as possible.

While at Whole Foods not long ago, I was rushing back to the supplement section to pick up some things before heading to the checkout.  You have to pass the beer and wine section first before you get to the supplement section.  I was flying by, and as if by magic I spied a new beer in the cooler case.

*screeeeeech*  If my tennis shoes could make a noise as I came to an abrupt halt (thankfully not resulting in any grocery store style fender-benders) it would have been that.  I stared at the beer as the bright florescent lights highlighted the important words.

Imperial Stout.

Well doesn’t Imperial sound fancy?  And slapping a stout on the end will pretty much guarantee that I will buy it.  I squeed and jumped up and down with joy because I had found a new fancy beer to surprise Scott with.  He was waiting in the checkout line.  The plan was to grab the supplements, and then get the beer on the way back presenting it to Scott because I had just made the best catch.  And he is going to be so excited.

Plan in action, I moved on to the supplements.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch little did I know that Scott did not stay in the checkout line like he was supposed to.  Like a typical male (it’s true fellas), he started wandering and poking around.

I grabbed what I needed and busted ass back to the beer aisle to grab the new selection.  Huge grin on my face because my plan was almost complete, I turned the corner only to come face to face with the pin that busted my bubble.


Who says to me, “Hey, look what I found.”

“Yes, I know. I already saw it.”

“You want to get some.”

“Of course I do! I was going to surprise you with it at the checkout line.”

“Oh.  Well let’s get it in the cart so we can go.”

“Yes, yes. Let’s go.”

I was totally deflated and Scott was totally excited for the new threeway. Figures.

Rich and dreamy

Rich and dreamy

It wasn’t that night because I wasn’t in the mood, you understand. But I promise that it was not long before partaking of the new beer happened.  After I popped the top, I smelled the beer and it was heavenly.  Pouring out the beer revealed a lovely thick and amazingly dark beer.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this could be one of the darkest beers we have drank.

I took another smell before tasting and it was clear that this beer was going to have hints of coffee and dark chocolate.  The coffee flavor is what hits you right away and it’s exactly how it should be.  Not overpowering, just a nice roast flavor on the back of your tongue.  Dark chocolate flavors arrive as the finish, leaving you with a rich and creamy ending and wanting to do it all over again.

The beer was not bad cold and the temperature didn’t cause it to be bitter as can happen with some stouts.  However, it is tons better only slightly chilled.  This is an wonderfully dark and flavorful beer.  I’m sure you could have it with food but that wouldn’t be my preference.  Sipping this all on its own so my focus isn’t divided is my choice when drinking this beer.

If you can dig on really dark beers, I highly suggest giving Sam Adams Imperial Stout a try.  There are only four bottles to a pack which proves that Imperial does mean fancy after all.

Link to Sam Adams site

(They will ask for your age before entering, then you can find the description.)

10 thoughts on “Review: Sam Adams Imperial Series Imperial Stout

  1. Heather says:

    I swear my alcohol consumption has gone up after reading this blog. LOL

    Although I don’t drink beer but I have been partaking of Caesars. (Canadian drink)

  2. Us Scotts need to stick together in our wanderings!

    I’ve read so many good things about the Sam Adams Imperial series I’m not sure which one to get first! Also a dark-beer lover, I think this stout should be the first.

    • Erin, I haven’t tried an IPA yet. I keep going back and forth on it because I’m not much of a light beer fan. I really need to just see what it’s all about already! :D

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