May 31st, 2009: Graceful

Hi guys!  I was up at 7am this morning ready to start my day of chores.  I so desperately wanted to run this morning but my leg is still feeling a bit “off” and I figured that resting it would be the wiser choice.  It made me Le Grumpy.  And hello weather change, it was frickin’ cold this morning.  Goodness!  I poured some coffee and headed into the office.



I’m glad you all got a kick out of my traveling drawers story.  That’s probably going to be something we’ll remember for quite some time. :p  I putzed around and felt sorry for myself because I wasn’t running.  Then my tum started growling and demanding food.  There was no way I was going to be able to walk Rocky on an empty stomach so I made a small sumptin’.

Small start

Small start

Wee spoon of 2% Fage and some fruit and nut granola.  Then we were out the door!  I wore my HRM this time to get an idea of how long the walk takes us and how much cals burned I’m looking at.  Not shabby for a walk.

And can I tell you that I’m having the worst clumsy PMS this month.  Lord!  Here’s the thing, my body is an equal opportunity PMSer.  I will get every symptom known, however not all at one time.  Thank goodness because I think my body would explode if that happened.  No my symptoms rotate out and like a box of chocolates, each month I never know what I’m going to get.  This month is the clumsy-ies where I’m walking around like an awkward 12 year old.  Last night I tripped over the ottoman at the end of our bed and almost did a perfect 10 header right into Scott’s nightstand.  Because I wanted to be THAT awake at 5am.

So far this morning I have tripped twice over Rocky’s bed in the kitchen.  And during the walk today I misjudged the distance needed to step up on the curb and promptly slipped off.  Fun!

Today Scott and I are working on some SF stuff so who knows that kind of bumps and bruises I’m going to have by days end.  Before starting our adventures though, we needed food.



No fancy Sunday breakfast this morning, just some oatbran.

I wanted something quick and filling, oatbran to the rescue!  Basic  oatbran with crushed pecans, crushed banana chips, and some dark chocolate PB as my mix-ins.

I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a blue beastie (smoothie folks, smoothie!) in my future soon because I’m still feeling a tad empty. :O  Apparently all this tripping and falling down works the metabolism.  Take note!

Catch you later guys!

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