May 2nd, 2009: Dinner

Hi guys!  I haven’t done a whole lot since last we spoke. :p  I worked on my posts and that took most of the rest of the day.  Then I fed Rocks and took him outside for some playtime.  Scott mowed the lawn so the yard was all clean and ready for some action.  I started getting hungry and had some raisins while we figured out what to do about dinner.



Mostly I wanted veggies but also knew that I had to have some protein since I ran a good bit today.  We’ve got nothing in the house and truthfully I wasn’t very inspired to cook.  We finally decided on some Chinese food and Scott said he was willing to drive to our favorite spot!  Woo!  That meant Hunan Lion!

good but unsatisfying

good but unsatisfying

I had the Hunan chicken and shrimp with extra veggies.  Trouble is that I didn’t get any extra veggies really.  Bummer.  There were also crab rangoons and bamboo shrimp.  My hunan dish was served over a bit of brown rice.  I had 1.5 bamboo shrimp and only a bit of the crab rangoon because it was totally gross.  Ick!

Oh and also my first glass of wine for the evening.  I’m not going to count the rest of the glasses, just know that there will be more later! ;)  And I know I’m having wine tomorrow too. :D Bring it!

My dinner was good but totally unsatisfying.  I was looking for, craving, and needing veggies and it just didn’t happen tonight.  While dinner was tasty it just didn’t hit the spot.  And while disappointing, that’s okay! Tomorrow is a new day and I know I’ll get veggies then.

Today’s half has taught me a lot just with food alone.  My after-race breakfast was good but sat heavy in my stomach.  I need more veggies and fruit post race.  And I need lots of veggies with a few bits of lean protein for post-race dinner.  Tonight I’m chalking it up to part of the learning process.  Next race I’ll be way better prepared for all aspects of it!

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