May 22nd, 2009: Breakfast and lunch: Double meaning

Hi gang!  Let me show you one of my new boyfriends.  I’ve only got one loves but several boyfriends, can you dig it?

Hello darling...

Hello darling...

His name is Oatmeal Stout and we were just introduced last night.  He’s fabbo and my favorite boyfriend at the moment.  I snuggled with him and Scott last night on the couch while watching the end of the Pens game.  Then I floated up to bed on an oatmeal stout cloud.  Mmmm

My plan for today was to sleep however long because I’m still catching up on sleep and am still battling whatever sniffles decided to take up residence. This was both beneficial and a huge mistake all in one!

I got up going on 8am and had a glorious night of sleep.  My throat, while dry, didn’t cause me to hack up my other lung nor did it interrupt my sleep.  Score!  I got Rocky taken care of and then headed upstairs to change into running clothes.  I was so flustered!  It’s been so long since I’ve run that I have forgotten my routine.  I almost put on my running tank while still braless.  Um, yeah that’s not going to work.  So I reached for a sports bra and grabbed the wrong one and had to change that up.

Finally I was put together and headed out for my run wearing a running skirt.  A first!  I was nervous about wearing them because I thought it was going to ride up on me.  Shorts ride up on me when I run and I just assumed the skirt would do the same thing, that’s why I normally stick with capris.  No riding up and they are comfy.

Today was way too hot and humid for capris.  I have no shorts for running so that left the skirt.  I was quite pleased with it.  You sort of feel like you’re running in really comfy underwear.  It’s cool and they did not ride up on me at all.  I kept checking it and looking at my shadow. ;)

That aside, my run was beautiful and torturous all at the same time.  First I didn’t eat anything because I was only doing two miles, not a big deal, therefore I skipped my pre-run 1/2 a bar.  Bad idea.  I felt empty, my stomach was making weird noises, and I had no energy.

But I was so happy to be out running!  The sun was shining and I was just beyond stoked about being outside again.  The downside is that it was crazy hot and I felt like death warmed over.  Meh.  Also my leg started bothering me again during the run.  Run was cut short, 2 miles (I hoped to do 2.5), and I headed home.  I rolled my leg and stretched and took care of it the best I could.

Another downside?  My endurance is for shit and I literally am starting all over again.  That 2 miles?  Killer.  I was huffing and puffing and riddled with cramps.  Lovely.

But I ran! So yay!  I’ll have to see how Sunday goes and if my leg is still bothering me during the run then it’s something I need to bring up at PT.

Sweaty from workin' it

Sweaty from workin' it

I wanted to capture my first run back and decided to show you myself in all my sweaty gloriousness.  This is the best picture because I forgot about the not rated PG message created on the fridge with alphabet magnets. This picture is the only one that covers up the naughtiness that I, some people in the house have.

I slammed some CS after my run. I was so thirsty and in need of something.  Ahh perfect!  Then I headed upstairs to wake up Scotts and get breakfast going.  Despite how sweaty gross I was, I was waiting to shower until after cleaning the house.

I made oatbran for breakfast this morning and while tasty, it was way too hot of a dish.  Umph!

breakfast fuel

breakfast fuel

Along with coffee and it was a good thing I didn’t shower because the combined hot plates just made me sweat some more.  Oatbran with bananas in the mix this morning!  And the mix-ins were coconut, crushed walnuts, and a small scoop of dark chocolate PB. Which in this picture looks honkin’ huge but I promise the picture is deceiving.



The coffee was some Brazilian coffee that Lori sent me!  It was so freaking good.  Darker and a lot more intense than coffee we are used to, perfect!

I caught up on some blogs while eating and then it was time to bust it and get the house clean.  Thankfully I dusted and swiffered yesterday, today was just wiping everything down.  I always look forward to cleaning the house and getting it straightened back up after hosting company.  It helps me get back into my schedule and feel more at ease.  After cleaning, Scott was still on his conference call so I hit the showers.  Whew that felt nice!

Finally I could make some lunchie!



Smoothie!  Didn’t have one last night and kept thinking about it all day today. :D

  • 1.5C unsweetened cranberry juice
  • 1.5C water
  • Huge bunch of kale
  • 1 carrot
  • Frozen peaches
  • Frozen mango
  • Frozen pineapple

I blended the heck out of that smoothie so it would not be gritty.  I blended for two minutes and stopped it.  Finished prepping lunch and then blended again for 2 minutes.  Much better!



Simple salads:

  • Mixed greens
  • Chopped red delicious apple
  • Cranberries
  • Sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • Crushed crack squares
  • Goat cheese crumbles

Topped with balsamic and olive oil

The whole gang

The whole gang

And for some extra carbs and protein, some hummus and crackers.  Wheat crackers and kashi.  There’s also some babaganoush pictured but neither of us ate any of it.

After lunch and cleanup, I ran Rocky out for a really short walk.  Because it was later in the day, it was much hotter outside so he couldn’t be out for too long.  We slowly walked around the block and both of us were wiped out!  Heat does that to you I guess.  He’ll get some nice backyard time after the sun goes down a bit this evening.

A Reminder…

Keep your eye on the prize

Keep your eye on the prize

Even though my 1/2 was over 3 weeks ago, I still have the timing chip on my shoe.  And it’s not coming off anytime soon either.  I’m using it as a reminder of what I was able to accomplish and to keep me focused on what I’m striving to get back to.

This injury is ridiculous and beyond frustrating.  But! I am a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason.  We may not know what the reason is right away but eventually we’ll figure it out.  I realize how cheesy that might sound but it’s how I choose to live my life.  Instead of focusing on being angry or upset or whatever, I redirect that energy into trying to learn from the current situation.  We can’t grow as a person unless we learn from the things life throws at us.  Bad or good, if you don’t walk away from the situation with a new perspective or having learned something, then you will repeat it till you do.  Life is funny like that.

That chip?  Is my focus.  I have to look at it every time I put on those shoes and it reminds me of what I did and what I will do again.

6 thoughts on “May 22nd, 2009: Breakfast and lunch: Double meaning

  1. Isn’t it weird how your routine can feel so, well, “routine” that you don’t even think about it, but then we you take even the smallest break, it’s like you never even had one! I am always so flustered when I get back into a regular groove.

    I love sweaty outdoor runs!! And definitely, everything happens for a reason, and in order for us to grow and LEARN we must allow changes to occur :)

  2. I love that you review beers :) It makes me want to pull out a brew and start drinking!

    sweaty outdoors runs! Just started to fall in love with those!

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