April 30th, 2009: Midnight Snack (and BalletMet’s The Great Gatsby)

Outside the doors

Outside the doors

Hi guys! Whoa did we ever get back late last night!  My date totally disregarded curfew and kept me out past my bedtimes.  He is cute though, rendering me unable to be angry at him.

Can't no to that face.

Can't no to that face.

Last night was the first time we have seen a BalletMet performance and it certainly won’t be our last.  We arrived a bit early to walk around and also to listen to the Choreographer discuss how he adapted the book to the stage.  It was very interesting to hear his take on the whole performance and how the dancers interpreted their characters.

I told you I was close!

I told you I was close!

Then it was time to take our seats.  We had Pit seats which I was pretty excited about because I knew that would be close and I thought we would be by the orchestra.  It’s been a very long time since I’ve attended a ballet show and the one’s I’ve seen were in Pittsburgh where an orchestra is used.  There is no orchestra in Columbus (I don’t think? Unless they were out of sight) so our seats were beyond what I was expecting.  We were the second row from the stage.  Wow!



This ended up both being good and bad.  Being that close I was able to pay attention to the costumes a little more and look at the shoes at bit more as well.  If you’ve dance, one thing we always do is checkout costumes and shoes, right?  You know it’s true!

The costumes for this performance were awesome.  So cute and whimsical while being very flowy.  The flapper outfits for the corps group were awesome.

The bad was that at times it was hard to see everything that was going on and to see the whole dance production.  Plus there was a lady in front of me who I just could not see around no matter how hard I tried. For ballet, I like to be back a little bit further and elevated just a bit.

Part of the draw to come and see this show is because of the era in which the story takes place, the roaring 20s!  Flappers, prohibition, jazz and the dancing!  Seeing things like this is just plain old fun.  I love all the dances they did, so peppy and cute.  It makes you want to get up and go!

Two things we need to bring back.

1. Guys wearing hats. Not ballcaps. But hats. It’s very debonair and also very hot.

2. Dancing and that includes the fellas. None of this shuffling their feet and saying, “I don’t dance. Well maybe if I had a drink.” business. Back in the day guys danced no problem. We need to bring back dancing pronto.

Soon it was intermission time.  This was Scott’s very first ballet he has seen.  I have to give my husband credit at this point. Part of the reason why I love him so is because he’s not very “typical dude”.  While most guys would say, “Pfffttt the ballet? I’m not going to the ballet.”  Or, “Okay but you owe me and have to go see X with me.”  Instead, he will say, “The ballet? Okay, I’ve never seen one before so why not?” And he will try it no problem. He’s like this with everything.

I know! He’s a catch. ;)

Soon it was intermission and at this point I was passing out tired.  It’s crazy but it hit me all of the sudden.  I was yawning and then I may or may not have fallen asleep for a second. Whoops!

The second half of the show started with a party scene and more peppy dancing which woke me right up.  I loved those scenes so much! By far my favorite part of the show.

The end of the show was around the 9:30ish or so mark.  We waited in our seats because we were part of a group that got a backstage tour of the show to learn some of the ins and outs of how it was put together.

All of the costumes were done in-house which is just amazing.  They did a great job creating those costumes.  Learning all the tricks about lighting and moving the props was so interesting.  It kind of puts things together a little bit better and helps you visualize exactly what it takes to make things work.  Plus the stage manager was a hoot!  She was fun and bubbly and full of stories.

Thanks to Jennifer at BalletMet for arranging the backstage tour!  I also want to point out that for this particular ballet, BalletMet put on a bunch of fun things.  There was an opening night dinner with a 20s theme.  Many artist talks on the making of and a dance lesson before the show!  Learning the Charleston!  That’s a really great addition that BalletMet provides which in turn helps the audience become more involved with the show. It brings forth another perspective which results in a deeper appreciation of the performance.  If you are a Columbus resident, please check out all that BalletMet has to offer.  It’s a great group and with awesome shows.

It was after 10pm as we started our way home.  I was starving and Scott was starving.  He suggested heading to the Short North to eat but I was just too exhausted.  I wanted my jammies, my babies (Rocky), and some FOOD!  I did have emergency Zbar and Odwalla bars in my purse but wasn’t hungry for those specifically.

By the time we sat down to eat it was going on midnight. :o  I know!  While I thought about what to make, I pulled out some chips and salsa to snack on.

To prevent me from eating my arm

To prevent me from eating my arm

FoodShouldTasteGood chips + salsa = great midnight snack.

What do you make when it’s late and you need to eat NOW?



Breakfast!  Quick and dirty style.  Scrambled eggs, 1/2 an asiago cheese bagel (the last of my frozen Panera stash), and two slices of turkey bacon.  Filled me up and then I crashed.  I crawled up to bed and was fast asleep.

I asked Scott if he would go to more ballet’s and he said yes.  Hooray!  I can’t wait until the new season so we can see more shows. :D

5 thoughts on “April 30th, 2009: Midnight Snack (and BalletMet’s The Great Gatsby)

  1. HOW fun!!! I must find a bf who enjoys the arts/dance specifically, that is so awesome that he is open minded and doesn’t do the typical, guy, i hate ballet thing! I usually go with my mom..which isn’t shabby b/c she pays for the pricey seats :D

  2. I’ve only been to the ballet twice — the first was a very traditional show and I have to admit that I got a little bored in it. But the second was more about a story and set in the 40s with navy sailors trying to pick up chicks, and I though that was much more entertaining. That’s a great picture of you guys!

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