Review: Quaker Simple Harvest Trail Mix Granola Bar & A GIVEAWAY!

Simple Harvest Trail Mix Granola Bar

Simple Harvest Trail Mix Granola Bar

Hi guys!  The lovely Abi contacted me on behalf of Quaker asking me to test out some of their new granola bars.  I accepted because I love Quaker and I will gladly try out some of their stuffs.

Admittedly I was a little nervous at first because I did try the True Delights Granola Bars and wasn’t really all that impressed with them.  The ingredients in those bars were not up to OHC HQ standards and the bars themselves were just a little too sweet.

When I received these bars, the first thing I did was read the ingredient listing.  While it’s still long, it is much better than the True Delights Bars.  No corn syrup or HFCS to be found in these bars.  Good job Quaker!  When I opened the package to remove the bar, it was a little bit sticky gooey leaving me unable to just slide the bar out.  I had to open the package the entire length of the bar in order to remove it.

About to be eaten

About to be eaten

The bar itself is a pretty standard size for a chewy granola bar.  What I noticed right away with this bar was how the ingredients seemed to pop out.  I can clearly see the cranberries and dark chocolate pieces.  Oats and rice still retained their shape and provided a nice chew.  I was pleased that this bar was not too sweet nor was it too dry.  The bar was soft but not so much that it fell apart easily.  It actually was exactly what a chewy granola bar should be.

I ate this whole bar without complaint.  I’m generally not a big granola bar person (Odd since I love granola) and I tend to be a bit picky with them.  I would easily eat this bar again as an addition to a breakfast or maybe crumbled and mixed with some yogurt.  There’s no one ingredient that stands out, you aren’t knocked over by the chocolate bits or anything like that.  Instead all the ingredients compliment each other and you’re left feeling like you ate something good for you.

Spa package

Spa package

Not only did Abby send me some samples but she sent me a whole spa package.  Perhaps you’ve seen these making the rounds on the foodie blogsphere lately.  The entire package contains:

  • 3 boxes of Simple Harvest Trail Mix Granola Bars
  • Organic cotton house slippers
  • Organic cotton robe

Can I tell you how awesome this package is?  No joke, I’m wearing the robe as I type up this review for you.  I did not use to be a robe person but these robes are amazing!  They are soft and fluffy.  Plus they have a hood!  I make excuses to wear my robe all the time.  My most favorite time to wear my robe is after my morning runs.  It keeps me warm, especially with the added hood, and it’s just comfortable.  I am so thankful that Abi contacted me and provided me with this package!

The exciting part is that YOU can have a package just like this one! Yup, Abi will gladly send you your own package.  All you have to do is comment on this post to enter.  If you want to double your chances, then add a little shoutout to your blog announcing this contest.  Don’t have a blog?  Email me and introduce yourself if you’re a lurker, or just tell me how you found my blog and why you come back. :D

Contest ends Friday, April 3rd, at 12pm EST (that’s noon).  I’ll announce the winner later that day selected using a random number generator.  Seriously, you should try and get your hands on this package, it’s very awesome. :)

UDATE:  I just spoke with Abi and unfortunately the contest is only open to those who live in the US.  Sorry guys!  There will be more OHC giveaways so don’t worry!

45 thoughts on “Review: Quaker Simple Harvest Trail Mix Granola Bar & A GIVEAWAY!

  1. oh baby, what could I do with a fun robe. Let’s see I could wear my robe while seductively eating a granola bar… no that’s weird. Ok I could wear my robe out on the deck to enjoy a granola bar… yeah that sounds pretty fun. ;)

  2. Steph says:

    I keep seeing this giveaway, and I’m so jealous of that warm robe! (Even though it’s a pleasant 65 degrees in CA right now) hehe

  3. Madeleine says:

    This sounds like an awesome giveaway! Just found your blog, but I like the tagline! (well, I don’t have a husband but they rest sounds good, heh…)

  4. Ooohh pick me!! This would be awesome to have! My dogs chewed up my other robe, so I need a new one ;)

    I will be linking to this contest tomorrow on my blog!

  5. Laura E says:

    Hey! I really want to try these bars. I don’t have a blog, but I’m going to email you later!

  6. Oh my gosh, what a great giveaway!! I would LOVE to win this! I have never tried those bars and would love to share them with the hubby and family and I would even do a review on my blog!! I linked you to my bloggie!! *Praying and crossing my fingers for this one*

  7. I just adore Quaker ANYTHING!! But I eat Quaker Oatmeal a few times a week, and love Quaker Granola bars! GREAT snack~~~

    What a lovely Giveaway!!!
    Thanks for a Chance to win this lovely Gift~~~

  8. WOW…I just made the deadline!
    That robe sounds fabulous, and slippers ah…just the thought.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  9. In just under the wire….

    Guess I should have read yesterday or the day before, and then I could have had two entries…..


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