Review: POM Wonderful

POM Wonderful

POM Wonderful

I had been seeing POM Wonderful pop up on foodie blogs for a while.  Apparently the POM Fairy was super busy dispensing POM all over the place.  POM had been winking at me and catching my eye while I grocery shopped.   But it didn’t flirt with me enough or offer to buy me a drink so I ignored it.  Finally I decided to be a modern woman and make the first move.  And also I was tired of waiting around for the POM Fairy to call me and tell me it had a surprise just for me.

My next grocery trip, I grabbed the POM by the handle and took it home to have my way with it and do my own review for the blog, gosh darn it!  A little side note, POM does not mind being roughly handled.  Take that as you will.

I had heard rumors that your first time with POM might not be like what you’ve read about in books or have seen in movies.  It’s sort of tart and a little bit more assertive than what you’d expect from something labeled as Wonderful. It can catch you off guard if you’re not prepared.

Because of this, I decided to play it safe and made sure I warmed myself up beforehand so that I would be ready to handle whatever Wonderful came my way.  I poured a bit in a glass, held my breath, and jumped in with both lips.

All that warming up was for nothing.  POM Wonderful is exactly that.  Wonderful.  It’s not tart at all or assertive, at least not to my experienced palate. It’s sweet and a bit thicker than most fruit juices.  I love it!  In fact I might like it even more than my current top choice, unsweetened cranberry juice.  Which is assertive and can leave your throat a bit dry if you don’t know what you’re doing with it.  POM is sweet glorious nectar.



We drink a lot of “fizzies” in this house.  Fizzies are basically seltzer and whatever else you want to toss in there.  I typically keep it to juices but my husband likes things with a little more kick sometimes.  Because I’m an awesome wife, I have no problems keeping things spicy for him.

This resulted in the POMtini.  I’m sure this has been done numerous times and in numerous places but this is my version.

Andrea’s Quickie POMtini

  • Chilled vodka (how much depends on you)
  • Chilled POM Wonderful (3x’s that of the vodka)
  • Splash of lime juice

Stir and serve. You can get even fancier by rimming the glass with sugar and adding a slice of lime for garnish. Make it green sugar and the drink will pop even more.  Plus it’s festive for the holidays!

We have even tried the POM Wonderful with Blueberry and it’s fantastic too.  You can smell the blueberries as soon as you pour it into your glass.  Admittedly POM can be a bit on the pricy side.  However, it’s totally worth it because sometimes you just have to branch out and experiment a little bit.

Next time you’re at the store, give POM Wonderful a try! Your experience will probably be a lot more enjoyable than you think! ;)

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