Review: Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout

Black Chocolate Stout

Black Chocolate Stout

Let’s play pretend.  I’ll start.  This is my new boyfriend.  Remember his name because you’ll see references to him often I hope.  His name is Black Chocolate Stout created just for me by the Brooklyn Brewery.  That’s the pretend part, he wasn’t created just for me but he is my new boyfriend.  Our story goes a little something like this.

Sometimes I buy things on a whim.  And sometimes I’ll see something in the store and pass it over several times before finally deciding to purchase it.  This Black Chocolate Stout is an example of the latter.  I saw this at Whole Foods numerous times and while the chocolate in the title called out to me, I never felt compelled to purchase it.

Until a few weeks ago when I could no longer ignore the call for something dark chocolate.  I also had yet to try a stout, so I finally broke down and purchased a 6-pack.

I do not regret this decision.  Which I’m sure is what you expected me to say.  Thus he became my new boyfriend.  Don’t worry, Scott is fine with this.  We are both open to trying new things.

Just looking at this pour makes me all giddy inside.  The beer is so dark and heavenly.  Even the head is a darker, almost mocha color.  The first thing I do when trying a new beer is smell it first.  Like how one handles wine.  I smell, swirl, and smell again.  This had a nice chocolate, and a sort of coffee, aroma to it.  I could smell it all day long.

With it's best friend

With it's best friend

This beer is beyond amazing.  It’s very smooth with no bitter aftertaste at all.  It goes down very easy and makes for a lovely sipping beer or perhaps paired with some dark chocolate.  I put that combo together all on my own, I understand how impressed you are.

In general I love my beer, but I don’t usually drink an entire bottle myself.  I’ll split it with Scott and be good.  But this beer I want all to myself.  Despite the fact that it is a dark beer, it doesn’t sit heavy in your stomach nor does it have a thicker consistency.  It’s really a great beer.

I find this beer is best when only slightly chilled.  Served super cold, it tends to be bitter and acidic.  In the event you get one that is too cold, just let it hang out for a few minutes and it will be fine.

While I have had this beer with both dark chocolate chips and a few slices of dark chocolate panettone, I like it better all alone.  It’s a great beer to just sip on while relaxing on the couch or with some friends.

If you’ve never had a stout before, cut your teeth on this one.  If you enjoy stouts, give this beer a try and see what you think.  It’s also a seasonal beer (naturally, such is my luck) so stock up while you can!  I know I will be and don’t think I won’t fight you over it either.

Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout

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7 thoughts on “Review: Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout

  1. Hey! Yes, that Kashi pizza is absolutely divine! I’d go buy one, or two if I were you :) I think it’s definitely better than any pizza with cheese. I haven’t tried any of the other Kashi pizza’s. But I’ll take your word for it and stick with the cheeseless one. Ha!

    I’m not a huge fan of beer at all, not to mention I am still underage, but the world knows that these days prettymuch all youngin’s drink, haha. But the beer/chocolate combo sounds delicious, just looking at the deep color of it makes it seem a lot more palatable.

    I hope you have a lovely day!

    • Meg, thanks for stopping by! :) Beer is for sure an acquired taste and I honestly didn’t start liking the heavier darker beers until last year.

  2. If you like Brooklyn’s Chocolate Stout, try Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. It is available in a purple and orange can at fine beer stores (including Whole Foods usually) and on tap at fine beer bars, like Bodega in Columbus. Young’s has a huge creamy head and wonderfully balanced flavor. I love it and thanks to this post I want some RIGHT now.

    Yea for girls drinking dark beer!

  3. Mmm..this sounds so good. I love a good stout from time to time. I have to say I do the same thing when shopping for beer. I’ll check it out several times at the store before I make the commitment to buy it. Considering it is beer and I’m a huge fan regardless, I’m usual not disappointed. :)

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