Knee Update

Hi guys!  I will probably end up doing my eats post either late this evening or tomorrow.  Sorry about that!  I was able to get in to see the doc today and that ate up all of my afternoon actually.  I’m trying to get this out quickly before I have to jet off to another appointment! :D

It is in fact my IT band that is causing me issues.  He did a few tests to confirm that.  I’m to do stretches at home, ice 3x’s a day, and PT.  I have called and my first PT appointment is on Tuesday.  He said I would definitely be able to still run the 1/2.  :woohoo:  He’s actually the medical director for the 1/2 I’m running, so I’m pretty confident that he understands my woes and knows that quitting isn’t an option.  He’s also a marathoner and a triathlete, so you know, I’m pretty sure he gets it. ;)

I forgot to ask if I should take off from running until I have PT.  He didn’t say not to run so perhaps as long as I keep them short until my appointment I’ll be okay.  He also told me that running on the road and sidewalk are not good surfaces.  Road is better than sidewalk though.  He said that if I’m in my neighborhood and it’s safe enough to switch between running on the right and left sides of the street.  What happens is that the road starts to angle downwards as it approaches the curb for drainage purposes.  Because of that the surface is uneven and that can cause trouble while running.  He also said that for long runs to hit a bike trail or walking path somewhere.  I actually have one that is close to my house, I just never went over to it.  But I will from now on!

So there you have it!  IT band issues and PT.  I see him the week before the 1/2 so he can assess how I’m doing and feeling.  I’m happy because even though PT is a pain in the butt, I will be able to run this 1/2.

I can still do this thing! :D  “We will get you through this 1/2.” is what he said to me.

11 thoughts on “Knee Update

  1. Yay! So glad everything turned out well (I say “well” loosely!). I’m sure he recommended one, but definitely get a foam roller. I woke up this morning and my thighs were screaming to be foam rolled – they feel so much better now. If you google “IT Band foam roll(er)” I’m sure you can find pics or videos of how to correctly do it.

  2. I’m sure it’s a huge relief for you to finally know what the problem is, what to do to fix it and the fact that you can still do your 1/2. Yay :)

  3. I second the foam roller. Actually your PT will probably want you to do that.

    I wondered if it was the IT band. At least now you know and you can deal with it. It’s good that you got it looked at so quickly. :)

  4. ok no on the foam roller until you get the inflamation under control, says the girl who just made that awful mistake. You need a couple days of complete rest for the IT band to get over the inflamation…so I would wait until you have PT.

    Ok I’m no doctor and here I am all you should do this..blah blah. SO I guess I’m just saying that’s what worked to get me back up and running pretty quickly

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