April 27th, 2009: Breakfast and lunch

Hi gang!  So I got up at 8am this morning.  Boo!  I would have loved to sleep in but the roofing guy was going to be over this AM to pickup the final payment for the roof, and that meant I had to get my butt up out of bed.  I figured that with such a late dinner last night that there was no way I was going to be hungry this morning.




I wasn’t starving but I was ready to eat. :p  I had some coffee and made a yogurt mess.  We’re out of bananas and it’s just too hot to have a big bowl of oats or oatbran.  My mess had:

  • 2% fage
  • Banana nut bear naked
  • Cranberries
  • Raisins
  • Frozen raspberries
  • Frozen blueberries

So yummy!  I am loving the frozen fruit in the yogurt.  Not only am I getting a fruit serving in but they provide a nice temperature and textural change to the mix.  Maybe I’ll branch out and try some mangos and pineapple at some point.  I did some normal Monday morning type of things and then I got Rocky out for his walk before it got too hot.  It was a good deal windy out this morning.  Apparently we’re supposed to get rain tomorrow so maybe it’s the storm blowing in.

After the roofing guy was here and gone, I made some lunch.  I was surprised how hungry I was for lunch!  This wasn’t a my-tummy-is-growling hunger.  It was, holy cow my stomach is empty and I’m about to get light headed hunger.

Apparently distance running causes me to be a crazy hungry machine. :p  That was only 10 miles!  So I guess Saturday I will be insatiable.

Lunch was pretty easy, leftovers with a twist.

Twist, twist

Twist, twist

I chopped up some leftover steak with some of the onions and peppers and dressed that in a horseradish cream sauce (made with yogurt).  A little bit of spinach and wrapped that up in a WF red chili tortilla.  This was so freaking good it’s ridiculous.  In the middle was an orange and two kiwis.

I have my followup doctor’s appointment later this afternoon.  Thankfully everything is in working order!  My knees did ache a bit after yesterday’s run but they are fine today.  Not the outside of my knee but the knee proper.

Speaking of running, Questions for Runners:

  1. For those of you with Camelbaks, how do you dry them out?  I took a papertowel to mine and wiped it out.  Is this what you all do as well?
  2. What sunscreen do you use?  I sweat a lot so I need something that isn’t going to run in my face.  I also wipe my face a lot during my runs (I wear wristbands to wipe off my sweat) so I need something that will stay put.
  3. The workout headbands intrigue me.  Anyone use one before?  Naturally at this time I can’t find a link to an example but they are these big headbands with prints on them and they are supposed to wick away sweat.

2 thoughts on “April 27th, 2009: Breakfast and lunch

  1. Heather says:

    I rigged a clothes hanger so I could hang it off the shower rod and the clothes hanger part (where you hang your clothes) was bent so it fit inside the Camelbak and opened it up so it could dry out. You can buy kits for this purpose (which include a brush for cleaning the tube!). I’m assuming you mean the bladder right? ;)

    I also put ice in my Camelbak when I’m running – I like cold water. Cold, cold. :)

    Try the sports sunscreens – they seem to stay better. I actually use a spray on sunscreen but I can’t remember what it’s called. I also bring wet wipes with me (put them in a ziploc) because I also sweat a lot.

    Are you talking about buffs? Not the terry ones that tennis players wear? LOL People do really like them. I’ve never used them.

  2. I wear a headband when exercising and it’s great! Not only does it keep my hair and sweat out of my face, it also brings me back to the 80s ;)

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